Diving into a Creative Learning Partnership (CLP) project for the first time can be daunting! Even if you’re a dab hand at collaborative practice, every partnership is a new experience. So, before your team sets off on this adventure, take some time together to build your roadmap using the CLP Induction Modules.

Work your way through four induction modules below, referring to the Further Resources in your CLP Team planning sessions

Module One - CLP Induction 

What is a Creative Learning Partnership?

Let’s look at the CLP partnership model, your CLP team and how collaborative practice can create a richer experience than can be achieved alone!

CLP Admin Essentials

What are the considerations for successfully running a CLP project?  Here we’ll unpack the nuts and bolts of project administration for schools and creative partners.

Further resources

Module Two - Neon Stories - A Case Study

See how partners Western English Language School, Footscray Community Arts Centre and The Indirect Object navigated their way through a CLP project in 2020.

Neon Stories - a Teacher's Story

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Module Three - Your Concept - an Artistic Framework

The artistic or creative concept is the idea at the heart of your project. It is the foundation for everything you do!

A good concept is like an ‘elevator pitch’ – snappy, interesting and easily understood, but open enough for many possibilities. It is a statement of what the creative exploration is all about to engage participants and audience alike.

Review the following videos

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Module Four - Curriculum Made Easy!

Words with Wings – A Curriculum Case Study

Integrating curriculum that’s a ‘natural fit’ is easy! The CLP team from Point Cook P-9 College share how this print-based environmental art and storytelling project was used to weave student's family stories of migration with those of the migratory shorebirds that depend on Point Cook’s local habitat.