The Creative Spaces Design Guides have been developed to give creative practitioners, property owners, developers, architects, local councils, designers, builders and more expert advice on how to establish a creative space.

The free guides provide detailed information about how to design and build creative spaces that are fit-for-purpose, reflect global best practice and have a long and sustainable lifespan.

The guides are divided into three parts:

  • Part 1 – Making Space for Creativity outlines the fundamentals of creative spaces. This guide helps users ‘get started’ in delivering fit-for-purpose creative spaces, and details good design for sustainable spaces.
  • Part 2 – Principles for Creative Spaces details what infrastructure is needed to create a successful creative space that supports business and creative activity.
  • Part 3 – Technical Guides provides technical information to support the practical implementation of creative space projects.

An initiative of the Creative State 2025 strategy, Creative Victoria has created the guides in partnership with the City of Melbourne, City of Sydney, and the Office of the Victorian Government Architect.

How to use the guides

  • If you are looking to develop, design, repurpose or transform a building or space into a creative space, the guides should be used prior to developing a design brief or working with design professionals.
  • They should be used by project leaders, decision-makers, project teams and creative practitioners as a key reference document when first considering the delivery of a creative space.
  • The guides will assist council town planners assess development plans for creative spaces and ensure requirements are met, and allow them to provide structured and detailed advice to developer applicants.

Download the free guides

Part One
Part Two
Part Three