This resource has been developed to help people looking to participate in a Creative Learning Partnership design and implement a successful project. Teachers, Principals, Creative Professionals and education and creative industries policy makers, curriculum designers and tertiary educators will all find useful information here.

There is no formula for success with these partnerships – each one can be vastly different. However evaluation and research, both in Australia and overseas, demonstrates that successful projects have a set of behaviours and approaches in common that deliver success.

The guide includes a practical section on building successful partnerships, case studies of successful partnership projects and an online induction to the Creative Learning Partnerships program for creative partners about to commence projects.

This guide is a resource for teams at all stages of the creative partnership journey and can be used:

  • To help identify partner’s needs, intentions and capacity for a partnership project
  • To stimulate ideas for what might be possible
  • As a checklist to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your partnership project
  • As a stimulus for discussion, or to help build a case for a future partnership project