The complaints process is not an appeals system or a vehicle to criticise policy

    The grants complaints management process outlined here is not:

    • An appeals system against properly arrived at decisions
    • A vehicle to address criticisms about Government policy, levels of funding or the types of creative industries programs funded

    In this regard, the investigation of a complaint may review the decision-making involved with a particular grant application to ensure that correct procedures have been followed, but the investigation will not reassess or review the merit of the application or overturn a funding decision.

    Why does Creative Victoria have a grants complaints management process?


    • Deliver good customer service by providing our clients with a process to make an official complaint
    • Establish a supportive framework for our staff and organisation to manage dissatisfied clients
    • Improve our performance by identifying short-comings and correcting them, where appropriate
    • Ensure that criticisms and complaints are examined and that a formal organisational response is provided to the complainant
    • Assist process transparency

    What does the Creative Victoria grants complaints management process address?

    • Dissatisfaction (ie a complaint) with the level, quality or timeliness of the service, or with the advice/communication provided by Creative Victoria
    • An allegation that there was a failure to comply with Creative Victoria grants assessment processes
    • Dissatisfaction with some other aspect of the Creative Victoria grants assessment process

    The complaints process

    Informal verbal complaint

    If you are not satisfied with the service you have received, or you have a problem with some aspect of the Creative Victoria grants management process, in the first instance you should contact the Creative Victoria staff member you dealt with. It is the Creative Victoria staff member's responsibility to attempt to clarify problems with their clients.

    However, if you believe your first point of contact in Creative Victoria is unable to assist you, you may wish to contact their supervisor.

    Depending on the nature of the dissatisfaction, or progress in dealing with it, you may be asked by the Creative Victoria staff member (or their supervisor) to submit a formal complaint (see below), and be given a copy of this procedure statement.

    Formal Complaint

    If you are not satisfied with the response to your informal verbal complaint, you may wish to make a Formal Complaint. Formal Complaints must:

    • Be in writing, preferably on the Grants Complaints Form (DOCX, 45.6 KB)
    • Provide specific details about the nature of your complaint, dissatisfaction or concerns
    • Be marked CONFIDENTIAL and addressed to the:

      Chief Executive, Creative Victoria
      GPO Box 4509,
      Vic 3001

    Your complaint letter will be acknowledged, and a full response provided as soon as practicable. Creative Victoria's Chief Executive will either investigate the matter personally, or delegate a senior Creative Victoria staff member, who is either not involved with funding or grants management, or not involved with the particular funding program involving the complaint, to investigate and advise. In some cases further information may be requested from you, or a meeting arranged to discuss your complaint prior to a written response being provided to you.

    Once a formal complaint has been made, the complainant should only contact the Chief Executive of Creative Victoria, or the person delegated to consider the complaint. No further contact should be made with the relevant Creative Victoria staff member about the matter.