Applying for funding

Please read the relevant program information and guidelines on each program page before applying. These are specific to each program and outline what you need to do to submit a proposal. Applications won’t be considered outside the stated timeframes.

Please take note of the program submission and notification dates, and allow adequate lead-times for project planning, development and delivery.

Creative Victoria receives more funding applications than we can support. Don’t make a financial commitment expecting that you’ll receive funding. The success of your application is ultimately based on the merits of your proposal against the published criteria and in competition with to other applications in the funding round.

Support for applying

Applying for a grant can be a challenging, and we recognise that there are some applicants who will need extra support.


All webpages, guidelines and documents are available in accessible-friendly format. On request, our public information is also in:

  • large print
  • braille
  • audio.
  • TTY
  • Translating and Interpreting Services.

If you need disability or language-specific services to help you apply for any Creative Victoria program, please contact the relevant program manager for assistance.

Someone to talk to

You’ll find information on staff who are available to help you with this process on each program page.

If you have any general questions about applying for our grants, please email us at

Conditions of funding

If your funding application is successful, you’ll be required to sign a Creative Victoria funding agreement that outlines the conditions associated with your funding.

At the conclusion of your funded activity you’ll need to complete an acquittal report, including financial reconciliation, that evaluates the project and accounts for how you’ve spent the funds. We’ll provide you with an acquittal report template. If you’ve received funding of $50,000 or more, you must include an opinion or certification from an independent auditor to verify the financial reconciliation.

If you don’t acquit your grant satisfactorily, you won’t be eligible to apply for further Creative Victoria funding in the future.

Your legal responsibilities

If you apply for a grant, you must ensure that the activity that’s the focus of your application complies with relevant statutes, regulations, by-laws, mandatory codes and requirements of any Commonwealth, state, territory or local authority.

It’s your responsibility to be aware of laws and protocols that regulate the way you must conduct your work. These laws may include:

  • classification and censorship
  • Indigenous cultural and intellectual property
  • privacy issues
  • employment law
  • working with children
  • laws governing filming in public.

We strongly recommend that you seek the advice of your agent or legal counsel or contact Arts Law for access to their legal advice services (phone 02 9356 2566). A good starting point may be to consult the Arts Law website.

As a successful grant recipient, you’ll be required to sign a funding agreement with Creative Victoria that specifies that you’ll comply with the laws of the land while carrying out your funded project or activity.