Creative Victoria uses advisory panels to assist it in the grant evaluation process.

The role of each panel is to assess grant applications and to make recommendations to the Minister for Creative Industries regarding which applications should receive support.

Each panel is made up of representatives from across the arts and creative industries and other relevant areas that reflect the Victorian community. The diversity of the panel adds depth and value to the quality of advice presented to the Minister. Consideration is given to the balance of different creative expertise, cultural backgrounds, experience and an understanding of both regional and urban contexts.

Creative Victoria staff recruits each panel from our Advisory Panel Register — a pool of more than 500 people with experience in the creative industries and other relevant sectors, who have expressed their interest in being a member of an Assessment Panel.

Code of Conduct

Creative Victoria's Code of Conduct for Advisory Panel Members outlines rules regarding confidentiality, conflict of interest and impartiality that need to be observed by all panel members.

Contact us to get a copy of the Code of Conduct for Advisory Panel Members.

Advisory panel register

The Advisory Panel Register is a database of individuals with a range of skills and experience, who may be asked to serve on a Creative Victoria Advisory Panel or provide advice to Creative Victoria on its programs or initiatives.

The Register contains contact details as well as information on the skills, experience and background of these individuals. Information contained in the Panel Register is for internal Creative Victoria use and is only used in relation to selecting panel members.

How to register for an advisory panel

If you’re interested in joining the Advisory Panel Register, follow us on social media or sign up to our eNews to find out when applications reopen.

In the meantime, if you’d like to be on a panel for a specific funding program, please contact program staff.

If I’m selected how soon will I get to sit on an advisory panel?

Once selected for Creative Victoria’s Advisory Panel Register, your name and details become part of the pool that Creative Victoria staff will draw from when recruiting for a panel. Similar to the jury process in the court system, even when you’re in the pool, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be selected to sit on a Creative Victoria Advisory Panel.

How long will my details remain on the panel register?

The Minister for Creative Industries approves members to be part of the register for a three-year period.

I’ve previously served on a Creative Victoria advisory panel. Will this improve my chances?

If you’ve already been selected to serve on one of Creative Victoria’s panels, it’s likely that you’ve got the skills and experience we’re looking for, so we’d love to have you back. However, we’re always looking for new people to inject a fresh perspective or area of expertise into the mix, so you certainly won’t be disadvantaged if you’ve not served previously.

Please see FAQs for advisory panels for more information.