Before you use this template, check out the analyse your data tool and the results workshop agenda template, which contains guidance on how to interpret your data and identify the most important findings.

Short research template

[Organisation/activity] Research Report

Time: [Time, Date]

Author: [Author]


In [month/year], [methods were used to unearth insights about subject of your research].

The research showed that [top three findings from the research]

Overall, this suggests that [your conclusion].

Looking ahead, the key opportunities include [list main areas of opportunity].


This document outlines the findings from a research project conducted by [who] in [time period] for the purposes of [research objective].

It includes [summarise the main sections of the report].


The methods used in the research included [list the methods that were administered].

Members of [population, e.g. attendee/community/loyalty program] were invited to participate in the research by [method, e.g. email, social media, mail]. A total of [X] invitations were issued between [date] and [date].

As an incentive, people were offered [an incentive, e.g. a $X gift card].

A total of [X] people participated in the research – providing a response rate of [X%].

It is important to note that [list any limitations], which means that caution should be used when interpreting the results.


Firstly, we asked [state the first research question].

When asked about [subject], respondents said [state top theme].

In terms of [subject], the research shows that [result].


Overall, this research suggests that [your conclusion].

The opportunities emerging from this research are:




The next steps are to: