Agenda: Results workshop

[Organisation/activity] Research results workshop plan

Time: [Day, date and time]

Location: [Workshop venue]

Attendees: [Attendees]



  • Introductions, agenda and housekeeping
  • Background to the project
15 mins

Sharing results

  • Project manager to talk through results for each question
  • Other participants to ask clarifying questions as they arise
45 mins


Each participant to share three things:

  • Biggest surprise (what stood out?)
  • Question (what might need further exploration?)
  • Idea for how the results can be used (what actions could be taken?)
15 mins

Exercise to ‘find the story’ in the research

  • Give each participant a fictitious person (board member, an attendee, an industry peer, etc)
  • Ask each participant to work independently for five minutes and to read this instruction: ‘Imagine you’re caught in a lift with this person and they ask about the research you’ve done. You have 60 seconds until you arrive at your floor. What do you tell them?’
  • Invite each participant to share their answers with the group
15 mins