In 2015, we engaged Wallis Strategic Market and Social Research to undertake research and analysis on the design industry in Victoria.

The aim of the research was to:

  • update existing data
  • describe Victoria's design sector
  • review the use of design by Victorian business
  • provide a current picture of Victoria's design capabilities
  • measure the impact of design on the Victorian economy.

The study followed similar research undertaken by Wallis in 2008 and in 2012.

Key research findings

Findings from the 2015 research into the performance and characteristics of the Victorian design sector and business use of design include:

  1. The Victorian design sector continues to perform strongly
    5,500 estimated number of design consultancies operating in 2015
  2. Design is an important contributor to the economy
    $5.0b Revenue earned by Victorian design consultancies for servicing local,
    interstate and international clients
    $450m Estimated international export value generated by design
    $4.3b Spent by Victorian businesses on design services.
  3. Business use of design continues to rise. On average, businesses that use design are more innovative, profitable, grow faster and export more than firms that do not use design
    44% Victorian businesses make some use of design
  4. Design remains a strong source of employment
    > 85,000 people directly employed in design roles in Victoria
    25,000 people work as designers in design consultancies
    > 60,000 people are employed in design roles in other businesses across the economy
    136,450 total design-related employment
    85,000 designers
    50,900 non-design support staff

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