Presented by Richard Watts

For anyone making content online, getting noticed is key. In this video we’ll look at how to promote your brand, the benefits of different social media platforms, the basics of the Google algorithm and how to create content for it.

Useful timestamps

00:32 - Promote your brand name 
01:17 - Using social media 
02:40 - The benefits of multi-platform posting 
03:39 - Social media marketing 
04:50 - The basics of google algorithms 
05:51 - Basic search engine optimisation 
06:42 - Keyword research 
07:58 - E-newsletters 
08:51 - Cross-promotion with other artists

Music: “Eternally Alone" by Poppongene. 
Released by Our Golden Friend.

This series is a co-production of ArtsHub and Creative Victoria.

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