Through Creative Victoria, the Victorian Government supports a wide range of creative projects, organisations and initiatives.

    All recipients of Creative Victoria funding must publicly acknowledge the support of the Victorian Government.

    There are Minimum requirements for all projects, with Additional requirements for some.  Check both sections below to make sure you understand the complete acknowledgement responsibilities for your funding. Remember also to check your funding agreement for any project-specific requirements.

    You can download the different logos and find guidelines for their use by clicking on the pages in the requirements below.

    If you have any further questions, please speak with your Creative Victoria Program Officer on (03) 9623 1394

    Minimum requirements

    At a minimum, all recipients of Creative Victoria funding must use a Victorian State Government logo and provide text acknowledgement:

    Creative Victoria logo

    Unless specified in Other Government logos directly below, recipients of funding through Creative Victoria must place the Creative Victoria logo on all promotional materials.

    CV logo

    Other Government logos

    There are some instances where alternative Victorian Government logos should be used:

    Education Partnerships

    Recipients of funding through Education Partnerships are required to use the Victorian Government logo instead of the Creative Victoria logo.

    International projects

    If you are producing collateral for an international market, the Victorian Government's Melbourne logo is to be used in place of the Creative Victoria logo. This is the Victorian Government logo for all international activity.

    Text acknowledgement

    All recipients for funding must use specific wording (‘text acknowledgement’) in any public speeches, interviews and text-only promotion of the project.

    A text or verbal acknowledgement of the Victorian Government's support should be used in media releases, launch/event speeches and other promotional opportunities where a logo may not be possible.

    In general, the following wording should be used:

    "[This project/organisation] is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria."

    Additional requirements

    In addition to the minimum requirements, there are acknowledgement responsibilities for recipients in receipt of funding for projects that fall within the following categories:

    Literature projects

    If you have received support for a Literature-based project, you are required to use the UNESCO Melbourne City of Literature logo in addition to the minimum requirements.

    On the Road Again logo and assets

    OTRA logo

    All projects supported as part of the On The Road Again initiative must recognise government support through use of the On The Road Again and Creative Victoria logos.

    Find all On the Road Again logo's and assets.