New programs and initiatives may arise throughout the year.  Program opening and closing dates may be updated as deemed appropriate.

Each grant has a unique link to the Department of Jobs, Resources and Precincts online grants portal.

This link is found on each open funding round page.


Program Closes 
Building Audiences Fund 24 February 2022
Program Closes 
Creators Fund 3 March 2022
Live Music Venues Support Program (Invitation Only)17 March 2022
Program Closes 
Creative Neighbourhood  Infrastructure Support Program2 June 2022
Music Works30 June  2022
Program Closes   
Touring Victoria14 July 2022
Creative Ventures Program 21 July 2022
Program Closes   
Creative Learning Partnerships4 August 2022
Creative Projects Fund (General and First Peoples Stream)11 August 2022
Creative Projects Fund (Deaf and Disabled Stream)18 August 2022
Live Music Restart Program - Festivals & Events18 August 2022
Program Closes   
PAX Rising8 September 2022
Small Regional PresentersTBC