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    Closing date: 3pm, Thurs 16 September

    We understand that the pandemic has created uncertainty regarding future planning. In your application, you should feel free to present your creative ideas/activities/program or plan as you best see fit, taking into consideration COVIDSafe practices and contingencies, however we acknowledge plans may need to adapt given the rapidly changing situation. Assessors will take this into consideration during the assessment process.


    Creative Ventures Program - supporting creative organisations / businesses / collectives to generate content, work and opportunities.

    The Creative Ventures Program provides two years of funding to a diverse cohort of Victorian creative entities (i.e. micro to small creative organisations/businesses and collectives) that reflect contemporary ways of working across the creative industries.

    Applications are encouraged across the creative industries, including but not limited to screen, digital games, design, fashion, visual arts/craft, literature, contemporary dance/physical performance, circus, cabaret, music, sound art, theatre, multidisciplinary and cross-industries/cross-communities collaborations.

    This program has three streams:

    • First Peoples creative entities stream — Applications led by Victorian First Peoples creative entities will be assessed in alignment with Aboriginal self-determination by a First Peoples assessment panel.
    • Deaf and Disabled creative entities stream — Applications led by Victorian deaf and disabled creative entities will be assessed by an assessment panel of creative industries peers with lived experience of deafness and disability.
    • General stream — All other applications will be assessed by specific creative industries peers depending on the creative discipline chosen (see Program Guidelines).

    On this page and program documents:

    • Creative entities refer to micro to small creative organisations/businesses, and collectives that do not have more than 10 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff.
    • Collectives can refer to an ensemble or group of professional creatives who work together.
    • The term First Peoples is used to refer to Traditional Owners of Victoria and all other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who reside in this state.
    • The term Deaf and Disabled people will be used. A lived experience of disability can be visible or invisible, including physical, sensory, cognitive, intellectual, developmental, mental illness and/or neurodiversity. We recognise and support the right of the Deaf community to label their experience as one of cultural and linguistic difference. We recognise the diversity within the Deaf and Disabled communities and that the terminology and language used is evolving.
    • The term Regional refers to the 48 Victorian local government areas classified as regional by the Victorian State Government. You can find the list of these local government areas here.

    Please note: We understand that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has created uncertainty regarding future planning, travel and gatherings. When proposing activities, you should take COVIDSafe practices into account and consider contingencies while still feeling free to present your creative ideas/activities.

    Watch a recording of a recent information session about the program.

    A First Nations specific information session was held. Watch the recording here.


    Funding available

    Applications will be accepted for requests from $70,000 to $100,000 per year over two years.

    For each application, the minimum level of funding is $140,000 over two years and the maximum level of funding is $200,000 over two years.


    Who can apply

    This program accepts applications from the following Victorian based non-government creative entities that meet Creative Victoria’s general eligibility and the following program eligibility:

    • Micro or small creative organisations/businesses that have no more than 10 FTE (Full Time Equivalent) staff, or
    • Collectives of no more than 10, this includes ensembles or a group of people with professional creative practice who work together.

    Please note:

    • Grant funding agreements will only be entered into with legally constituted organisations/businesses that have a valid Victorian ABN.
    • For collectives that are not legally constituted organisations/businesses, applicants must outline a confirmed auspice arrangement.
    • Applicants are not required to have self-governing boards.
    • Creative Victoria will only accept one application per applicant (including under auspice).
    • Auspice organisations may apply on behalf of multiple applicants.


    Key dates

    Round opens: Thursday 12 August 2021
    Round closes: 3pm, Thursday 16 September 2021

    For activities commencing from 1 January 2022.

    It takes approximately 12 weeks from the closing dates until funding results are available.

    NOTE: If you apply to the Creative Ventures Program, you are not eligible to also apply to the Creative Enterprises Program. You must choose the most relevant program and may not submit multiple applications.



    Applications are now closed.

    General information on how to access the Grants Portal, including how to register and FAQ about the Portal, can be found here.

    You will need to determine which stream you are applying to.

    To open saved applications and drafts please click here to return to the Grants


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    Who to talk to

    Stream/Creative Discipline


    First Peoples applicants (All Streams)

    Keeaira Aird: 03 9623 1188 or via email at

    Deaf and Disabled applicants

    Erin O'Neill: 03 9623 1259 or via email at


    Bethany O’Connor: 03 9623 1150 or via email at bethany.o'


    Bethany O’Connor: 03 9623 1150 or via email at bethany.o'


    Keeaira Aird: 03 9623 1188 or via email at

    Visual Arts

    Erin O'Neill: 03 9623 1259 or via email at

    Cross / Multi-Disciplinary

    Erin O'Neill: 03 9623 1259 or via email at

    Dance / Physical Performance

    Keeaira Aird: 03 9623 1188 or via email at


    Erin O'Neill: 03 9623 1259 or via email at a


    Bethany O’Connor: 03 9623 1150 or via email at bethany.o'

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