The Creators Fund program invites you to concentrate on initial exploratory stages and research of new ideas and concepts. This could include testing, deep research, development or experimentation. The program does not require full concept realisation, presentation or audience engagement – it is primarily for the initial stages of a creative pursuit.

Applications closed

All applicants to the Creators Fund 2023 round have now been notified the result of their application. Successful recipients have been published on our website here.

Applications for the First Peoples stream and the General stream closed at 3pm on 22 February 2023.

Applications for the Deaf and Disabled creatives stream closed at 3pm on 1 March 2023.

Find general information on using the grants portal, including how to register and frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Portal.

What funding is available?

If you’re successful with your application, the Fund will provide you with financial support for up to six months for activities including:

  • Intensive creative research and development of new ideas/concepts
  • Practice-based experimentation.

Your application can be for a solo activity or one undertaken by small creative groups, collective or collaborations.

We accept applications for requests between $20,000 and $50,000.

You’ll be expected to dedicate most of your working time on the funded activity during the six-month period. If you have additional professional commitments during this time, please outline these in your application.

Accessibility costs

  • We encourage you to include costs in your project budgets that will make your activities accessible to a Deaf and Disabled audience (e.g. Auslan, captioning, audio description and materials in other formats
  • If you’re applying through the Deaf and Disabled creatives stream, you can apply for an additional amount of up to $5000 on top of your general project costs to cover specific access expenses that will help reduce barriers for Deaf and Disabled artists/industry workers involved in the project. These additional access costs may only be allocated towards access initiatives and can’t be repurposed to cover general project costs.

Who can apply?

We accept applications from individuals and groups/collectives that meet our general eligibility and the program specific eligibility criteria.

The primary focus of your proposal must include Victorian-based individual professional creative practitioners (emerging to established) and/or Victorian-based professional collectives AND a creative idea or activity.

Groups of individuals who join as a collective must be legally constituted or nominate either an individual or alternatively an auspicing body to apply and take legal and financial responsibility for the grant should one be awarded.

We encourage applications from across creative industries, including but not limited to cabaret, circus, contemporary dance, design, digital games, fashion, literature, multidisciplinary and experimental work, music, physical performance, screen, sound art, theatre, visual arts and craft.

This program will encourage and prioritise support for applications from:

  • First Peoples creatives
  • Deaf and Disabled creatives
  • culturally and linguistically diverse creatives
  • under-represented cohorts (such as LGBTIQ+ creatives)
  • regionally based creatives.

This program has three streams:

  • First Peoples creatives stream
    Applications led by Victorian First Peoples creatives will be assessed in alignment with Aboriginal self-determination by an assessment panel of First Peoples creative industries peers.
  • Deaf and Disabled creatives stream
    Applications led by Victorian Deaf and Disabled creatives can choose to be assessed by an assessment panel of creative industries peers with lived experience of deafness and disability, the First Peoples assessment panel or by specific creative industries peers depending on the creative discipline assessment panel chosen.
  • General stream
    Applications will be assessed by specific creative industries peers depending on the creative discipline chosen.


  • Applications from non-First Peoples creative entities that contain First Peoples activity may also be reviewed by a First Peoples panel to ensure cultural protocols are demonstrated in the applications.
  • If you are eligible to apply to more than one stream (for example, First Peoples and Deaf and Disabled), please speak to program staff about which stream you are choosing to apply through, and which assessment panel you would like your application reviewed by.

Who can I talk to?

FIRST PEOPLES stream applicants (all creative disciplines) - Keeaira Aird

All other applicants

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