The Creative Ventures Program supports creative organisations/businesses/collectives to generate content, work and opportunities.

It provides two years of funding to a diverse cohort of Victorian creative entities (i.e. micro to small creative organisations/businesses and collectives) that reflect contemporary ways of working across the creative industries.

Funding available

We accept requests for funding from $70,000 to $100,000 per year— with a minimum level of funding of $140,000 and a maximum of $200,000 over two years.

Who can apply?

This program accepts applications from the following Victorian based non-government creative entities that meet Creative Victoria’s general eligibility and the following program eligibility:

  • You are a micro or small creative organisation/business that has no more than 10 FTE (Full Time Equivalent) staff, or
  • You are a collective of no more than 10 members
  • You are a legally constituted organisation/business with a valid Victorian ABN
  • If you’re a collective that isn’t legally constituted, you must outline a confirmed auspice arrangement
  • You are not required to have self-governing board
  • We only accept one application per applicant (including under auspice)
  • Auspice organisations may apply on behalf of multiple applicants.

We accept applications from micro or small creative organisations/businesses that have no more than 10 FTE (full-time equivalent) staff, or collectives (ensembles or groups of people who work together)  of no more than 10 across the sector, including but not limited to:

  • cabaret
  • circus
  • contemporary dance
  • cross-industry/cross-community collaborations
  • design
  • digital games
  • fashion
  • literature
  • multidisciplinary
  • music
  • physical performance
  • screen
  • sound art
  • theatre
  • visual arts/craft.

This program has three streams:

  • First Peoples creative entities stream - Applications led by Victorian First Peoples creative entities will be assessed in alignment with Aboriginal self-determination by a First Peoples assessment panel
  • Deaf and Disabled creative entities stream - Applications led by Victorian Deaf and Disabled creative entities can choose to be assessed by a panel of creative industries peers with lived experience of deafness and disability, or by specific creative industries peers depending on the creative discipline chosen
  • General stream - Applications will be assessed by specific creative industries peers depending on the creative discipline chosen.

How can I apply?

Applications for this program are currently closed.

When the round is open, applications are made via a unique link the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) Grants Portal.

Find general information on using the grants portal, including how to register and FAQ about the Portal.

Who can I talk to?

Stream / Creative DisciplinesContact

First Peoples Applicants (all creative disciplines)

Keeaira Aird

Deaf and Disabled applicants (All Creative Disciplines)

Cross / Multi-disciplinary



Erin O'Neill


Dance / Physical performance

Shaun Gillis



Visual Arts

Lill Desormeaux

Guidelines and tools

CVP 2023 Guidelines - COMING SOON!
CVP 2023 Drafting Tool - COMING SOON!

After you apply

Once you submit your application on the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions Portal you’ll receive an email acknowledgement.

Our Grants team will then check that your application meets all the eligibility criteria, and we’ll assess it against the published aims and criteria.

You’ll be notified by email of the outcome approximately 12 weeks after the published closing date.

See Information for applicants

Successful applications

If your funding application is successful, you’ll receive a funding agreement outlining the conditions for funding, payment information and reporting requirements.

See Information for current recipients

Notification of funding outcomes

There’s high a level of demand for Creative Victoria funding, so we recommend that you plan for contingencies if your application is unsuccessful (e.g., other funding sources). Please don’t make commitments based on the assumption that you’ll receive funding until you’ve received written confirmation of your final funding outcome.

Funding recommendations are subject to approval by the Minister for Creative Industries. Feedback on your application is provided at Creative Victoria’s discretion and may not be available when you receive notification of your funding outcome.

Payment of grants

Program funding payments are conditional on you meeting your obligations under your Funding Agreement with the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, including fulfilling any payment milestone outcomes or deliverables set out in the Funding Agreement.