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    Closing date: 3pm, Thursday 16 September

    We understand that the pandemic has created uncertainty regarding future planning. In your application, you should feel free to present your creative ideas/activities/program or plan as you best see fit, taking into consideration COVIDSafe practices and contingencies, however we acknowledge plans may need to adapt given the rapidly changing situation. Assessors will take this into consideration during the assessment process.

    Who to talk to

    Victoria Jones: 8683 3141 or
    Linda Lucas: 8683 3115 or

    Jossi Clyde (Arts Reception) on 868 33100 or 1800 134 894 (Toll free)

    Email: or


    Creative Enterprises Program Challenge. Excite. Pioneer.

    The Creative Enterprises Program provides four-year funding for medium to large creative organisations and smaller organisations positioned for sustainable growth.  The funding invests in the leadership, organisational infrastructure, and capacity of non-government creative industry organisations to deliver on the Victorian Government’s Creative State 2025 priorities.

    The Creative Enterprises Program is guided by the principles and priorities set out in the Victorian Government’s Creative State 2025 strategy.

    • First Peoples first – place First Peoples knowledge, practice, protocols and cultural authority front-and-centre and forge stronger and enduring partnerships with First Peoples creative communities
    • For every Victorian – regardless of cultural background, age, gender identity, income, or ability every Victorian can take up their right to participation in the cultural and creative life of the state
    • Whole of state – people in remote, regional, and outer-metropolitan areas have improved and more equitable access to cultural experiences, creative expression and creative careers
    • Health and wellbeing – foster healthy, safe and respectful working environments
    • Environment impact – the creative industries reduce environmental impact in everything they make, share, present, tour and consume

    This multi-year financial investment will assist organisations with the certainty needed to:

    • Contribute to the quality and reputation of the Victorian creative industries
    • Develop mid to long-term strategies to increase operational viability
    • Develop markets and audiences through the diversity of creative content/programming
    • Grow employment for a diverse cohort of creatives and creative workers
    • Co-ordinate and deliver capability strengthening initiatives for the sector
    • Contribute to the development of an engaged, contemporary, and equitable creative sector

    This program has three streams:

    • First Peoples led Organisations

    Applications from First Peoples led organisations are encouraged and will be assessed in alignment with Aboriginal self-determination through a First People’s external industry peer panel/s.  The panel process will be led by First Peoples creative industry peers from Creative Victoria’s First People Directions Circle.

    • Industry Service Organisations

    Industry Service Organisations develop of their sectors and the interests of their members, and the primary focus of their business is not the development and presentation of creative content.

    Industry Service Organisations will be assessed as a separate cohort and have a quality of service assessment criterion. The panels for Industry Service Organisations will be cross disciplinary and include panel members with expertise in and knowledge of the role these organisations play in the creative industries sector

    • Creative Organisations

    A Creative Organisations' primary business focus is the development and presentation of creative content.

    Applications will be assessed by panels whose members have strong creative industries business management skills and diverse creative industries/practices, expertise and knowledge.

    One of the key guiding principles of the Creative State 2025 strategy is First Peoples First. The Victorian Government is committed to the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the 11 guiding principles of Aboriginal Self-Determination as identified in the Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework 2018-23. Given this commitment where your organisational structure, governance, and/or your creative or delivery program engages with First Peoples, your application will also be reviewed by the First Peoples panel.

    Partnership applications

    Applications will be accepted from organisations that wish to partner with other organisations, where a consortium of small not-for-profit creative organisations wants to achieve economies of scale, expand impact and collaborate.

    1. A lead organisation will apply on behalf of the consortium and the benefits of the partnership need to be demonstrated for all partnering organisations
    2. Lead organisations are required to meet the program eligibility criteria
    3. Formal recognition of the partnership must be provided with the application (e.g. Signed Memorandum of Understanding or other documentation detailing the financial and organisational contribution of each organisation)

    Watch a recording of a recent information session about the program. space

    A First Nations specific information session was held. Watch the recording here.


    Funding available

    The minimum funding request for this program is $100,000 per annum for 4 years.

    While a maximum amount has not be designated, applicants must ensure their funding request is realistic and substantiated by their application to reflect:

    • the level of funding is commensurate with the size of the organisation
    • the organisation’s total income and financial planning
    • record of leveraging government funding to secure or increase other sources of income
    • record of producing and delivering creative content/outputs/products or services to the public or creative industries sector
    • track record of organisational and governance capacity


    Who can apply

    The program accepts applications from non-government creative sector organisations that are not-for-profit and:

    • Have operated as a legally constituted entity for a minimum of four years as at 31 December 2021
    • Are based in Victoria (i.e. have their primary operational/administrative office in Victoria) and whose activities predominantly benefit Victorians
    • Can demonstrate the delivery of creative programs or services to the creative industries sector for four consecutive years or more
    • Have a formal governance structure, annual financial budgeting and reporting, and are guided by a Strategic Plan that includes an annual operational or business plan
    • Can demonstrate an average total income of at least $200,000 per year over the past three years

    Eligible applications are encouraged from creative organisations, First People led organisations, and creative industry service organisations:

    • That advance cultural equity, reflected in their workforce and leadership, programs, audiences and volunteers.
    • That have a proven record of operational and governance capability and resilience.
    • That come from a range of creative disciplines including screen, digital games, design, fashion, visual arts/craft, literature, contemporary dance/physical performance, circus, cabaret, music, sound art, theatre and multidisciplinary practice
    • That include diverse cultures and outer-suburban and regional locations to increase diversity and extend access.


    Key dates

    Round opens: Thursday, 12 August 2021
    Round closes: 3pm, Thursday 16 September 2021

    Funding is provided either from:

    • 1 January 2022 – 31 December 2025 for calendar year organisations or
    • 1 July 2022 – 30 June 2026 for financial year organisations

    It takes approximately 12 weeks from the closing date until funding results are available.

    Please note that late applications and/or late support material will not be accepted.

    Organisations can only apply to either the Creative Enterprises Program or the ;Creative Ventures Program. You must choose the most relevant program rather than submit two applications.


    Closed for Applications

    Creative Enterprises Program applications are submitted by using the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions Grants Portal. To get started in the Grants Portal there are two steps:

    1. Registering: If you are using the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions Grants Portal for the first time, you will be directed to register to create a login once you click on the relevant application link and click 'next page'. Your login to the former Creative Victoria Grants Portal will not work on this new system. You will only need to register for the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions Grants Portal once and can use these registration details for future applications.
    2. Submitting an application.

    For the Creative Enterprises program streams, you will need to determine which stream your organisation is applying to.

    Please click on this link to apply for First Peoples Led Creative Enterprises Program

    Please click on this link to apply for Industry Service Organisations Creative Enterprise Program

    Please clink on this link to apply for Creative Organisations Creative Enterprise Program

    To open saved applications and drafts please click here to return to the Grants


    Who to talk to

    For more information about the program please email:


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