What is the Creative Ventures Program?

The Creative Ventures Program supports creative organisations/businesses/collectives to generate content, work and opportunities.

The program is focused on investing in creative products and services and increasing their availability, and supporting collaboration and new ways of working that can create employment opportunities.

The Creative Ventures Program will deliver funding through three grants rounds over four years.

How will the First Peoples stream be assessed?

The panel process for applications from First Peoples-led entities will be  assessed in alignment with Aboriginal self-determination by an assessment panel of First Peoples creative industries peers.

Applications in the Deaf and Disabled stream and General stream that contain First Peoples activity may be reviewed by a Cultural Protocol Review panel of First Peoples creative industries peers.

Will the First Peoples stream be open to non-First Peoples creative entities that wish to present First Peoples content in partnership with First Peoples creatives?

No. If you’re not a First Peoples-led creative entity but you are collaborating with First Peoples to present their stories, culture or content, please apply through the general stream.

This means your application will be assessed by the relevant external peers with specific expertise in your creative discipline,  and may be reviewed by a Cultural Protocol Review panel of First Peoples creative industries peers. Applications must demonstrate cultural protocol to be supported. Please refer to the ‘Application support documents’ section of the program guidelines for more details on what to provide to demonstrate cultural protocol.

How will this program support Deaf and Disabled people in the creative industries?

This program includes a dedicated assessment process for Deaf and Disabled applicants. Applications by Deaf and Disabled entities can be assessed by Deaf and Disabled creatives and peers with lived experience of deafness and disability.

Please call program staff to discuss your application.

What do you mean by cross-industry collaborations?

Creative skillsets and diverse talent within the creative industries are highly valued and an asset to Victoria. Creativity can be applied in many different industries. This program supports creative entities to explore opportunities or work with different industries to build new demand for creative skillsets.

Some examples of cross-industry collaborations include, but are not limited to:

  • ‘serious or applied games’ collaborations where digital games or interactive media studios work with industries such as healthcare, education, science or engineering. Creative capabilities and expertise in non-entertainment-based applications may have a social impact focus and/or allow creatives to explore other markets or new opportunities
  • application of new design and digital technology in fashion, with the aim of innovating the fashion industry’s product development, manufacturing, and retail/marketing opportunities.

If our application is successful, when will the funding period start?

This round supports activities commencing from 1 January 2024 onwards with funding agreements beginning in January 2024, for a two-year period.

The funding agreement and grant payment schedule are not dependent on whether an organisation/business’s financial reporting is by financial year or calendar year. You can expect to receive your funding agreement in late 2023.

If our application is successful, when will the grant payment be made?

You will receive a Letter of Offer and a Common Funding Agreement if your application is successful. You must accept the offer and return the signed agreement to Creative Victoria.

The payment schedule and any relevant funding deliverables/milestones will be outlined in the funding agreement. Your grant payments will be made in instalments, which means you won’t receive the full two years of funding in one lump sum payment.

Once the agreement has been executed (i.e. both you and Creative Victoria have signed it), you’ve satisfied any conditions and provided us with an invoice, then the first grant payment will be made.


Who is eligible for the Creative Ventures Program?

  • Victorian based non-government micro to small creative enterprises that do not have more than 10 FTE (Full Time Equivalent) staff
  • Victorian based non-government creative collectives/groups of no more than 10 people with a professional creative practice.

Eligible legally constituted organisations/businesses can be for-profit or not-for-profit.

Our collective is not a legally constituted organisation, can we apply?

Yes, you can apply under an auspice arrangement.

An auspice is a legally constituted organisation that becomes the official ‘recipient’ and will receive any funds allocated. The auspice is responsible for the management of the activity and the acquittal of grant funds. If you’re planning on having your grant managed by an auspice organisation, you must have agreement with that organisation before the closing date.

An auspicing organisation may charge you auspicing fees/costs and grant funding can be used to cover auspicing fees/costs.

Can I apply to Creative Ventures Program if I applied to VicScreen?

The Creative Ventures Program doesn’t duplicate the programs offered by VicScreen. If your activity/project is suitable for funding through any of VicScreen’s programs, you won’t be eligible to apply for this program. This is to ensure fairness and equity, given that there will be limited funding available.

You are welcome to apply for the Creative Ventures Program for activities that aren’t eligible for VicScreen programs.

Please contact program staff to discuss further

Any information you include in your application may be shared and will be subject to verification from other Government departments/agencies, including VicScreen, as required.

Can contemporary music applicants apply to the Creative Ventures Program?

Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply to the most relevant Creative Victoria funding program to ensure greater equity within a finite pool of funding available for each program.

See details of all Creative Victoria funding programs including programs through the Music Works initiative

Subscribe to Creative Victoria’s eNews for updates about upcoming Music Works programs.

Our performing arts company is planning to tour to regional Victoria. Can we apply?

You are strongly encouraged to apply to the most relevant funding program. The Creative State 2025 strategy outlines dedicated support for touring activity across the State.

See details of all Creative Victoria funding programs.

Subscribe to Creative Victoria’s eNews for updates.

I have a new business. Can I apply for business start-up costs and business support?

This program is not for business support. LaunchVic’s website has information and resources for start-ups.

Please refer to Business Victoria’s website for more information about business support

If I receive a Creative Ventures Program grant, can I apply for other Creative Victoria programs?

No. The level of financial stability provided by the grant over a two-year period means you won’t need to apply for other grants from Creative Victoria.

This will also ensure fairness and equity for all applicants.

Information about program specific eligibility criteria will be outlined in the relevant program guidelines.

Application and Assessment

Who can auspice my grant?

For this program, any legally constituted organisation may act as an auspice, except state-owned agencies, local government authorities, academic/training institutions and entities controlled/owned by education institutions.

A recipient of the Creative Enterprises Program can also act as an auspice organisation for applicants of the Creative Ventures Program.

In the application, you’ll be asked to provide details of the auspicing organisation, such as the organisation’s legal name, ABN and contact details.

We received a Creative Victoria grant in the last few years, can we apply to this program?

Yes, you can apply to this program, but it can’t be for the same project/activity.

We previously received a two-year VicArts grant. Can we apply for this program?

Yes, you can apply for this program if your two-year VicArts grant is complete or will end by 31 December 2023.

What should I consider when including First Peoples Cultural Intellectual Property (CIP), collaborating or engaging with a First Peoples creative practitioner(s), or engaging with First Peoples community in my application?

We’re committed to the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the 11 guiding principles of Aboriginal Self-Determination as identified in the Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework 2018-23

You must follow correct protocols when working with First Peoples artists, content and/or communities. Please refer to the Australia Council’s Protocols For Using First Nations Cultural And Intellectual Property In The Arts. In particular, use the project checklist (pp. 168-172) as a resource to guide considerations when engaging with First Peoples content, creatives/artists and cultural heritage.

As part of the application form you will be required to indicate if your application contains First Peoples activity. If you select yes to this question you will need to provide a First Peoples budget line item and supporting documentation that demonstrates cultural protocol. This can include:

I’m on a Disability Support Payment plan/NDIS. Will this grant impact my payments?

Yes. This grant may affect your payments. Please check with Centrelink or your contact person at NDIS. You may want to consider being auspiced by an organisation.

Will Creative Ventures funding affect my tax obligations?

Grants paid by Creative Victoria may be considered part of your income in a financial year and may therefore be subject to tax. You will need to determine your own taxation responsibilities.

Do I need to confirm the 20% cash co-funding requirement at the point of application?

No. The co-funding requirement doesn’t need to be fully confirmed when applying. In your application budget section, please indicate how much of your income is confirmed or unconfirmed.

If your application is successful and before we release payment to you, we may ask for confirmation and updates on your budget, including the status of the co-funding requirement.

Cash co-funding may be covered through:

  • generated fees/income/ticket sales you earn
  • other applicant cash contribution (i.e. your organisation’s own cash investment)
  • grants sourced from other funding bodies (e.g. other government, philanthropic bodies, foundations)
  • corporate or private cash sponsorship.

Please consider your budget contingency in your application. For example, what is your financial back up plan if you’re unable to source the cash co-funding through other grants?

Can the funding be used for access costs?

We strongly encourage you to consider inclusive ways of working and ensuring access to all audiences. Funding can be used to cover any access costs that help you remove barriers in your activity. You can also use the funding to make your activity accessible to a wider audience.

Provide budget notes about any access costs that are included in your application budget.

Examples of access costs:

  • Access consultant for support in designing an accessible space/event
  • Access/disability support workers
  • Assistive listening devices, audio loops, etc
  • Audio descriptions
  • Auslan interpreters
  • Blind or low-vision assistance
  • Braille in labelling, marketing, signage at venue, etc.
  • Captioning services (open/closed)
  • Support programs like Bandmates Victoria – Inclusive Arts Network
  • Disability concession pricing or subsidised ticket prices
  • Disability liaison person for meeting and/or engaging with Deaf and/or Disabled people to be responsive to their access needs
  • Ergonomic equipment and/or an ergonomic consultant
  • Guide dog access
  • Hiring access aids/equipment
  • Plain English marketing material – short, simple sentences with pictures
  • Setting up a quiet or sensory space or session – to avoid sensory overload or to provide sensory input to meet a sensory need
  • Staff and volunteer training e.g. disability awareness, communication, etc.
  • Therapy –counselling, physio, occupational therapy, etc.
  • Updating website and booking system to a more accessible user interface.

I want to make my activities/organisation more accessible, but I don’t know where to start.

Access costs vary depending on the project and services you need. We suggest getting in touch with an access consultant. You can find the Inclusive Practice Guide and a list of organisations in Victoria offering support to Deaf and Disabled people on the Arts Access Victoria’s website.

Additional resources:

What are the deliverables and reporting obligations for the Creative Ventures Program?

Your Funding Agreement will outline your obligations.

You’ll need to provide regular updates about your funded activity, including information about the activity budget and plan.

At the end of your funded period, you must submit an acquittal which provides information about the outcomes of your funding.

During and after your funded period, you’ll participate in a program evaluation. You may also be asked to provide information about your funded activity and any longer-term outcomes to help evaluate the Creative Ventures Program.

If our application is unsuccessful, can we apply again?

Yes. A new round of the Creative Ventures Program will open for applications in 2023.

How does Creative Victoria support a fair distribution of funds and ensure applicants from a diverse range of backgrounds and creative disciplines are supported?

To ensure that our funding is equitably distributed, we need to engage people from diverse backgrounds in our processes, from inception to delivery.

We work with industry representatives to make sure that there is diverse representation on assessment panels for this program.

We also reach out to a broad range of organisations to promote the program to encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds, including Deaf and Disabled, women, LGBTIQ+ and those from culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Why does it take so long to assess this program?

After the round closes, submitted applications go through an eligibility and due diligence check. External assessors are then allocated applications and given time to review them before meeting to discuss recommendations. If required, an independent financial analyst may need to assess budgets provided in applications.

Recommendations are compiled and provided to the Minister for Creative Industries for final approval. We work as fast as we can to assess applications. You’ll be advised of the outcome of your application approximately 12 weeks from the closing date.