For first time applicants, grant applications can be overwhelming.

We’ve created a few handy hints to help you get through the process — the crucial stuff to bear in mind every time you apply.

The top tips include

1. Do your research - read the fine print and understand all the criteria

2. Don't assume anything -  describe your project as though you were describing it to your dentist, barista or an alien.

3. Plan ahead - gather letters of support and don't leave it to the last minute.

4. Budgets matter - draft your budget first, and ensure your budget is well researched, viable and realistic.

5. Respond to assessment criteria - your application must respond to all assessment criteria.

6. Understand your audience - ask 'who will benefit from my project' (use our Audience Research Toolkit).

7. Know your responsibilities - working with children checks, tax considerations, indigenous protocols  are some responsibilities you should consider.

8. Get in touch with us - we can give feedback on your previous applications and advice on your next one.