2022 Music Works recipients

Benjamin Tass, $40,000
Kidd Benny will run DJ workshops, a community hip hop show and a car show with the aim to engage young First Nations artists.

Aeroplane Agency, COLLINGWOOD, $40,000
To support Guts Touring to deliver 12 live shows and six interactive music workshops in regional and remote communities across Victoria.

Chitra Ridwan, $21,000
Chitra will use the funding to undertake a 2023 national tour in support of her debut album.

Special Feelings, MELBOURNE, $20,000

To support Holly Greenhalgh collaborate with Victorian artists as they record and produce a debut album.

Alexandra Kolac, $9,968
To support the mastering, release and promotion of An Inaccurate History of Electronic Dance Music, the second full length album by Xani Kolac.

Tanya Leanne Batt, $41,250
To support BATTS to write, record and produce her third LP with her band of Melbourne musicians.

Ai Yamamoto, $5,000
To record and release Seasons, a new EP of field recordings by Ai Yamamoto.

Bad Apples Music, SOMERVILLE, $40,000

To support the production and distribution of new music from Bad Apples Music artists.

Emma Donovan and The Putbacks, KYNETON, $12,000

To record a fourth studio album by Emma Donovan & The Putbacks in New York and Los Angeles.

Archie Roach Foundation LTD, BAYSWATER NORTH, $39,500

To support six emerging Victorian First Nations artists perform on the Archie Roach Foundation stage at the 2023 Port Fairy Folk Festival.

Koorreen Enterprises Pty Ltd, TYRENDARRA, $38,000

To support Richard Frankland produce three music videos and promote and market a new album across digital and radio channels.

Kalyani Mumtaz, $20,000

To support Kalyani Mumtaz to build Blak Soundsystem in collaboration with Samira Farah, and mentorship from Lucreccia Quintanilla of General Feelings Sound System.

The Grenadines, MOUNT MACEDON, $22,700

To support The Deans of Soul record and promote new material, including live performances and video clips.

Ranges Music Network, WOODEND, $35,000

The Orkestra Llektriq will use the grant to produce a visual performance, workshop and documentary of remixed music, titled Meet the Orkestra Llektriq.

Kutcha Edwards, $24,000
To support Kutcha Edwards to showcase a new album, Circling Time, in New South Wales.

Ryan Riley, $23,541
Ryan Riley, in collaboration with Curtis from StudioTruth, will use the funding to support the writing and recording of an alternative hip hop album.

Paul Gorrie, $25,140
To support the production of a four-track electronic EP and an accompanying 20-minute film clip.

Brett Lee, $26,195
To support Pirritu to launch Fire When the Sun Goes Down and tour across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

AB Original Pty Ltd, SOMERVILLE, $40,000
A.B. Original will use the funding to support collaborations with other artists, as well as demoing, recording, mixing, promotion and mastering of singles for their sophomore album.

Upwelling Festival Incorporated, PORTLAND, $10,000
Portland Upwelling Festival will use the funding to host First Peoples activities such as music, dance and a whale song line ceremony, as well as demonstrations of traditional practices, and arts and crafts.

Trak Studios on behalf of Robby Wirramanda, CHINKAPOOK, $40,000
To support Robby Wirramanda, in collaboration with Trak Studios, produce a music video for Let's Sing.

Amy Rose Dowd t/a Bumpy, $10,000
Noongar artist Bumpy will use the funding to develop, distribute and record their debut EP, and and create music videos in support of the release.

Creswick Adult Learning Centre And Neighbourhood House Inc, CRESWICK, $39,500
To support Creswick Neighbourhood Centre to deliver CresFest 2023, a music festival that celebrates local community artists.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Ripley Abiola Kavara Verran, COLLINGWOOD, $20,000
To support Ripley Kavara to travel and work with artists on Country nationally and internationally as they work on music for a full-length album collaborative album FAMILI.

Cash-Maie Savage, $9,300
To design, produce and release three promotional video clips for the release of a studio album by Cash Savage and the Last Drinks.

Mo.Louie, $13,900
To record, mix, master, and promote three self-produced singles by Mo Louie in collaboration with her mentor producer/engineer Becki Whitton.

The funding will support FLOW GTG PTY LTD to deliver Flow Music Festival 2022, a one-day festival.

To support the release, promotion and presentation of a compilation album of artists signed to the Milk! Records label. The project will culminate in live performances in Melbourne and Sydney.

Rhea Caldwell, $13,454
To release and distribute Baby Blue’s debut album and support promotional activities including the creation of a music video and press photography.

Rama Parwata, $8,000
To develop, record and produce Rama Parwata’s sophomore album.

Neil Cabatingan, $14,900
To support the recording and release of a debut album by Teether & Kuya Neil.

Romero Band, $34,905
To support the tour of debut album Turn It On! by Romero in the United Kingdom and Europe including festival appearances at Pitchfork London, Pitchfork Paris, London Calling in Amsterdam and Mutations Brighton.

Andrea Robertson, $6,500
Andrea Robertson will use the funding to deliver Americana on The Bellarine, a music festival showcasing independent artists in Ocean Grove, Victoria.

John Olson, $39,678
To support John Olsen to record, mix and master 10 contemporary interpretations of songs originally recorded by Australian producer Tony Cohen.

Guy Louis Faletolu, $5,600
To support Guy Faletolu to produce a compilation album that explores neural networks and AI as tools to create new forms of music.

Cristian Barbieri, $14,378
To mix, press and promote The CB3’s debut album Six Castles.

Sounding Grace Pty Ltd, SOUTH MELBOURNE, $25,000
Dingo Jazz will use the funding to deliver Jazz in the Square 2023, a free jazz event in Fed Square celebrating International Jazz Day and featuring 100 musicians.

Rae Howell, $33,850
To support Rae Howell to record, distribute and market Bee-Sharp Honeybee, a composition for a string orchestra.

To support Melbourne band RVG to tour their third album in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe in 2023.

Julian Poulson, $16,400
To record, release, and present Sovannahong, a collaborative album by The Cambodian Space Project, Epic Brass and Khmer vocalist Rachana Tanner.

Marc Peckham, $6,300
Marc Peckham will use the funding to promote the Ngurra Kurlu's (HOME) visual album through a national PR and marketing campaign.

South West Local Learning and Employment Network, WARRNAMBOOL, $20,000
To support the South West Local Learning and Employment Network to host South West MESS, a collaboration with Melbourne Electronic Sound Studios and One Day Studios that will engage over 50 artists.

Fairway Consulting Group Pty Ltd, NORTH WARRANDYTE, $22,735
To support the physical manufacturing of a third studio album by Private Function.

Stick Mareebo Productions, CARNEGIE, $16,772
To film and promote a music video for the RISING: Singles club track Heavy Congress at the Jamaican Music & Food Festival in Williamstown.

Georgia E Delves, $13,592
To support the preview performance and recording of Georgia State Line's live LP at the Melbourne Recital Centre's Primrose Potter Salon, backed by a string quartet with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s Lucy Rash at the helm.

Moorabool Shire Council, BALLAN, $30,000
Moorabool Shire Council will deliver a skills and development program focused on live performance for 12 to 25-year-olds as a part of the Hide + Seek Music Festival.

Ryan Downey, $8,386
To support Ryan Downey to film and record a promotional video featuring a string quartet for an upcoming EP.

Tibi Access, GLADSTONE PARK, $19,383
To support Tibi Access to host Groove Tunes, a one-day festival supporting the disabled community at The Corner Hotel, Richmond.

Callum Watson, TORQUAY, $4,500
To support Callum Watson to deliver the 2023 Geelong Jazz Soirees Summer Series, a Jazz festival at the Geelong Botanic Gardens.

University of Melbourne on behalf of Melinda Smith, CROYDON, $25,891
To support Dr Melinda Smith to produce a work that will debut at the New Biennial Dance Festival in Melbourne.

Blossom Rot Records, THORNBURY, $15,000
To support Blossom Rot Records to produce, release and promote records from three different artists.

Pataphysics, NORTHCOTE, $20,000
To support Pataphysics to work with multiple independent artists writing, recording, producing and mixing their debut releases.

Delivery will use the funding to tour their debut album Forever Giving Handshakes across regional and metropolitan Victoria.

The Cat Empire, $39,000
The Cat Empire will use the funding to support the recording of a new album at the Moreland City Band Room in Brunswick East, and the album’s release.

The Boite, COLLINGWOOD, $28,800
To support The Boite Inc to host What If Music, a forum addressing issues faced by culturally and linguistically diverse musicians, at the Northcote Town Hall.

Mathilde Anne Lambert, $9,830
To support Mathilde Anne with the production of a debut EP which will explore themes of feminism and disability.

Julia Jacklin, $40,000
To support Julia Jacklin tour her album Pre Pleasure across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Geoffrey O'Connor, $8,000
Geoffrey O'Connor will use the funding to support the recording of a 10-song solo album.

Ms Emily Lea Schnall, $20,891
To record, mix, master and launch The Mamas’ second album Pillowfight.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Joshua Allen, $28,320
To support Kittling and Kin Francis to undertake professional development activities to develop Good Trip, a club night designed for neurodiverse and disabled audiences.

Dippers, $24,178
To promote and tour Thigh Master’s third album across the USA.

Loom Arts and Management on behalf of Artemis Munoz, BRUNSWICK WEST, $25,000
To record and release Artemis Munoz’s Utter Mess, a full length collaborative album with Cadence Chaos and Zak Pidd.

2022 Music Works  (November 2021 round)

Chitra Ridwan, $27,500

To record the debut album by Melbourne musician Chitra, with producer John Castle and mastering by David Walker.

The trustee for Grant Hansen Trust, DERRIMUT, $31,000

To record Blackfire’s third album, aimed to inspire and educate the wider communities on First Nations culture, history and politics.

Peter Colin Harper, $18,963

To support ten-piece band, Black Jesus Experience (BJX) to record, mix and master Earth to Earth, a suite of nine new original works in collaboration with First Peoples musician Sean Ryan and classical flautist Dominique Chaseling.

Association of Artists Managers (AAM), NEWTOWN, $10,350

To support The Music Passport Program 2022, an export development trip tailored to emerging artist managers.

Charlotte Buckton, $12,600

To record, mix and master Charlotte Le Lievre's debut album Songs from the Barrier Line, exploring themes of grief and healing through connection, including working with five Victorian musicians and Victorian audio engineers.

Alexander O'Gorman, $28,060

To support Purple Wayne Studios to invite a series of musicians and artists to create new works within a professional recording facility.

Emily Paige Duggan,  $44,076

To compose, adapt, record and tour Paige Duggan’s new musical compositions, including production of animation and film clips.

OK Motels Pty Ltd, BALLARAT CENTRAL, $16,480

To support OK Motels to tour with Victorian artists to present live music in small town pubs.

Ela Stiles, $14,800

To support Ela Stiles to record, mix and master her fourth full-length album Not a Stranger, and produce a video clip for the first single.

Ainslie Wills, $4,800

To support Ainslie Wills to mix and master their self-produced four-track EP with Victorian engineer Jono Steer, ahead of an international release.

Charlie Woods Music, HEIDELBERG HEIGHTS, $5,000

To support Charlie Needs Braces to record, produce, release and perform their debut album Saltwater People.

Good Morning PTY LTD, PRESTON, $10,900

To support Good Morning to record two new tracks as part of a double A side single, to be released during their upcoming North American tour.

Music Production For Women, HAWTHORN, $35,000

To support a music summit that aims to equip women and non-binary artists with skills to take preliminary steps into music production and electronic music performance.

Tibi Access, GLADSTONE PARK, $4,737

To support Groove Tunes, an accessible gig that will include Auslan interpreters, a sensory zone, braille tickets and more, to educate the music industry on creating accessible events.

WeEmptyRooms, CREMORNE, $15,675

To support DEAD to release a new album as a series of nine split 7" singles, featuring local and international bands, promoted via a PR campaign delivered by Karen Conrad.


To support Endless Records, a regional Victorian independent record label, to release and promote five new albums, including publicity, vinyl pressing and art direction.

Abbotsford Events Incorporated, PRAHRAN, $39,985

To support Mind Your Langridge Street Fest, a community street festival with an organic marketing campaign, to increase exposure for live artists and provide a platform to perform to new audiences.

Jen Cloher, $20,000

To support Jen Cloher to travel to New Zealand with Annelise Hickey to film the first film clip of Cloher’s fifth studio album.

Evelyn Ida Morris, $30,920

To create movement based short films to accompany each song on the new album by Evelyn Ida Morris, Like Comfort. Including collaboration with dancers, Amiel Courtin-Wilson, Zoe Theodore and Emmett Aldred.

Amaya Laucirica, $17,750

To produce, mix and master the fifth album by Amaya Laucirica, including the creation of film clips and a national publicity campaign.

Lisa Lerkenfeldt,  $19,800

Lisa Lerkenfeldt to record and release a sophomore album and cassette single, including the creation of visual content and an album premiere at The Substation.

Candice Lorrae Lloyd,  $16,890

To support The Merindas to develop their live band, aiming to create music charts for their music catalogue and undertake rehearsals to prepare a 60 minute show, with collaboration from Music Composer Phil Turcio.

Simona Castricum, $25,838

To support the recording, production, release and touring of Simona Castricum’s fourth studio album with digital and vinyl release, including PR by Brain Drain and release through Trans-Brunswick Express Record Label.

Music in Exile Limited, COLLINGWOOD, $40,000

To support Music in Exile to implement the Building Bridges program, offering online collaboration and development of new work, including opportunities for Gordon Koang, Mindy Meng Wang, Ausecuma Beats and Camile el Feghali.

C.L Bowerman & J.L Bowerman & J.A Gibson & J.S Karagiozis & J.T Wilson, SUNBURY, $19,956

To support Melbourne punk band Between You and Me (BYAM) to support Canadian punk band, Bearings on a tour throughout America and Canada, in support of BYAM's sophomore album release.

Jordan Tarento, $16,785

To record and produce live studio performance videos for Jordan Tarento's debut album, including release and promotion by Earshift Music.

Zack Buchanan,  $33,725

To support The Outdoor Type to record a debut album, followed by a media campaign for the release of three singles and the album.

June Diana Lamb, $14,516

To record, produce, mix and master June Jones’ new EP in collaboration with three featuring artists, including the creation of cover art and press photos.

Tomboi Pty Ltd, BRUNSWICK, $22,806

To support Tomboi, an independent record label and management business based in Melbourne to represent emerging and established LGBTQIA+, POC and Women artists creating challenging and distinctive contemporary music that is under-represented in the broader music landscape.

David Arden, $35,000

To support David Arden to create a new body of work titled, Meetra the Ballad of James Arden - Rise Up.

Ben Mastwyk, $19,833

To record, mix, master and produce artwork for Ben Mastwyk’s fourth studio album, including collaboration with musicians, engineers, a producer and photographer.

Hopestreet Recordings Pty Ltd, BRUNSWICK, $23,000

To support Immy Owusu to write, record and release a debut album.

Merpire Music, BRUNSWICK, $23,116

To support Merpire and band to travel to United Kingdom to support Pillow Queens (IRE) on tour. The band will perform in Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Brighton, London, Birmingham and Bristol.

Alice Skye Music, WARRANDYTE, $30,000

To support Alice Skye to undertake a two month studio residency to write and collaborate with producers, composers and artists.

The Operatives HQ Pty Ltd, FOOTSCRAY, $31,000

To support new record label The Operatives Records, including promotion, marketing, manufacturing of two releases for Emma Volard and Yung Shogun.

Brady Jones,  $15,000

To support Bricky B to create a new EP titled Out of the Darkness.


To support Sensible Antixx to finance the clearing of copyright licensing for Burn Gently, an upcoming Australian Hip Hop documentary.

Daniel Carlson,  $32,700

To support Our Carlson in hosting two Purple Day music events in Blackwood and Melbourne, raising awareness for epilepsy and destigmatising mental health issues.

Tess Amelia Guthrie,  $9,950

To support Tess Guthrie to refine their production skills, blending genres hyper pop and folktronica through the creation of a collaborative EP, with supporting national PR campaign.

Georgia E Delves,  $12,739

To release Georgia State Line’s debut album In Colour including an Auslan accessible album release event, partnered with Auslan Stage Left and The Brunswick Ballroom.

Footscray Community Arts Centre on behalf of The Hackkets, FOOTSCRAY, $19,900

To support The Hackkets to release their new album So Far, So Good, including the creation of a music video, a publicity campaign and a launch event.

Still Here Arts and Culture, MOOROOPNA, $15,000

To support Neil Morris (aka DRMNGNOW) to develop two cinema quality music film accompaniments for the project Baiyiya Lotjpa Nhawul Garra - Song, Story, Seen, Now.

Lisa Salvo, $15,500

To support On Diamond to record, produce, mix and master their second album, including release and promotion by Mistletone.

Anita Louise Quayle,  $16,954

To support Beyond the Lake to record and release a new album of ambient instrumental music with nine Victorian-based musicians, to promote positive mental health and wellbeing, with a focus on cultural and gender diversity.

Keelan Mak, $14,000

To support Keelan Mak to release their second EP Brave Face, a body of work consisting of six songs that tell the trials and experiences of a young queer male navigating the Australian youth landscape.

Angela Anika Ostendorf,  $25,000

To write, produce and record Hachiku’s sophomore album, including production by Anika Ostendorf in collaboration with Victorian classical music ensemble Newmarket Collective.

The Stroppies, BRUNSWICK, $10,986

For The Stroppies to support Paul Weller on his United Kingdom tour and to play two headline shows to promote the release of their new album.

Live Nation Australia Venues Pty Ltd, ST KILDA, $21,233

To support On Stage, a new program at The Palais Theatre transforming it into an intimate and accessible performance venue, featuring twelve performances by emerging artists across diverse demographics.

No Retreat Pty Ltd, BRUNSWICK, $34,000

To support a series of free-entry performances, featuring over 200 female and gender non-conforming musicians, artists and industry professionals from the Victorian music community. A selection of the performances will be showcase events for local record labels.

Georgia Fields,  $19,905

To support Georgia Fields to record her third album, an expansive pop album integrating elements of indie, modern folk and art music with producer/drummer Josh Barber. On The Map PR will execute a digital media campaign, maximising their capacity to connect with new and existing markets.

Emily Ulman, $15,400

To record, mix, master and release the fifth album by Emily Ulman, titled The Shiver and the Freeze, including promotion by Slow Clap and vinyl pressing.

City of Greater Geelong, GEELONG, $35,500

To support Surround Sounds Geelong & The Bellarine Music Festival, a program that activates music and cultural venues across the Geelong and Bellarine region.

Auspicious Arts Projects Inc. on behalf of The Space Company, GEELONG WEST, $17,000

To support The Space Company to record an album of musical works from the theatre show double bill Stardust + The Mission, featuring the original cast and new music by composer Nadje Noordhuis, created in collaboration with show creators/cast members, Joel Carnegie and Gunditjmara man Tom Molyneux.

Auspicious Arts Projects Inc. on behalf of Josephine Camilla Alexandra, ASCOT VALE, $5,972

To support Josie Alexandra (aka X4NDR4) to commission industry professionals, including director and cinematographer Barun Chatterjee, to co-direct and craft the cinematic score of the first track on their debut sonic, spoken-word, cinematic album.

Empress, THORNBURY, $9,100

To support Empress to record, mix, master and produce a music video for their debut album, including a social media campaign and marketing.

Contemporary Music Victoria Inc. on behalf of Fionna Allan, CASTLEMAINE, $22,000

To support Gold Sounds Music Conference, a regional event designed to bring regional music communities together by providing professional development sessions.

Annaliese Redlich,  $25,000

To produce and release the second season of All Ears Podcast, a series that explores connections, ritual and sense of belonging. Including collaborating with Melbourne musician Davey Lane, mastering by Monkey Marc and publicity by Slow Clap.

Alyse Newman on behalf of Ruby Gill, $12,350

To independently release Ruby Gill’s debut album, I’m Gonna Die with This Frown on My Face.

Beyond the Valley Music Festival, CREMORNE, $40,000

To support Beyond the Valley, a regional music and camping festival, including a diverse line up of Australian and international artists performing over four days.

Komang Rosemary Amalina Clynes, BRUNSWICK, $9,105

To support electronic music producer Komang to master and release her debut EP, titled Mythologies, an exploration of Balinese traditional elements with electronic R&B and trip-hop.

Bridge xr, ABBOTSFORD, $36,000

To support Bridge xr to develop a world class virtual reality space at the Northcote Theatre, where concerts will be experienced both live and in a virtual reality environment, giving artists access to global audiences.

Alice Ivy PTY LTD, PASCOE VALE, $30,010

To support Alice Ivy to relocate to Los Angeles to write and record music for her third studio album, with high profile American artists, including touring activities in America.

Cable Ties Band, ABBOTSFORD, $36,172

To support Melbourne punk trio Cable Ties to record, mix and master their third album, and create visual elements for its release.

Auspicious Arts Projects Inc. on behalf of Madi Das, BRIGHTON, $20,234

To support Madi Das to record and release two EPs that blend Indian and American influences. Madi will work with a regional Victorian singer to record vocals and percussion, to be integrated with additional musical and vocal elements, produced in America.

ArtHouse Gippsland, BRIAGOLONG, $20,000

To support Inward Goods Festival, a 400-person capacity community music and art festival held in the Wellington Shire town of Briagolong. The festival provides a safe and accessible environment and engages the local community, specifically young people.

SalamFest Inc, WEST MELBOURNE, $40,000

To support SalamFest to create a contemporary reimagining of traditional Muslim Music by engaging fifteen Victorian artists and creatives.

Holly Thomas, $19,950

To support Holly Thomas to develop, record, mix and edit three suits of drum tracks and sample packages at various recording studios in Victoria. Including collaborations with audio engineers Laura Hancock, Matthew Redlich, Alex O’Gorman and Alex Bennett.

Wind & Birds, ST KILDA EAST, $25,085

To present Solar Sessions, a series of free, all-ages net zero carbon live music events showcasing latest technologies, aiming to educate music industry professionals and artists

Eloise Antonie Willis-Hardy,  $20,000

To support Vigilantonie to undertake creative development, record and produce a debut album, including digital release, PR and video production for singles and music videos.

Foley Magazine, FAIRFIELD, $10,000

To support Foley Magazine to produce print music magazines featuring interviews, thought pieces and information on the Melbourne/Narrm music scene.


To record and promote Cosmic Psychos' thirteenth studio album Feelin' Lucky, to celebrate their 35th year milestone of being an active Australian music group, including a national tour and music festival.

Rack Off Records, CARLTON, $13,848

To record, mix, master Blonde Revolver’s debut album and create artwork and photography for promotion including production of a music video.


To support three-day live music Boogie Festival, including diverse line-up of emerging and established Victorian artists.

Squaring Circles, NORTHCOTE, $17,260

To support Squaring Circles to post-produce, market and release their second concept album.

Anna Smyrk, $14,810

To record and promote two new singles by Anna Smyrk in collaboration with Joel Quartermain, Sarah Guppy, Giulia McGauran, Shoelace Creative and Anna’s long-standing band.

Ticketscout Pty Ltd, NORTHCOTE, $10,000

To support The Corner Hotel and Northcote Social Club in programming events that reflect recommendations made by Arts Access Victoria to engage audiences from the deaf community, including Auslan interpreted contemporary live music performances and marketing campaigns.

Casey Rice, $39,073

To support central Victorian electronic music collective &SO to collaborate with visual artist Christian Thompson to record a suite of new music for a limited-edition vinyl art-release, remixes for digital release and performance and exhibition outcomes.

2022 recipients On the Road Again metro

MULTICULTURAL ARTS VICTORIA to stage NEW PRINT 2, a program of contemporary live music events across four metro LGAs produced by and featuring people from diverse backgrounds.

MUSIC VICTORIA to deliver a season of live music in partnership with performing arts centres across eight metro LGAs.

CITY OF MONASH for Live at Warrawee 2023, a free, outdoor music event held in Oakleigh in March.

CITY OF DAREBIN to stage The Eighty-Six, a dynamic musical festival that will showcase the theatres, pubs and other venues that present live music along High St, in Northcote, Thornbury and Preston.

THE PUSH to stage the All Ages Metropolitan Tour, with concerts across seven metro LGAs.

WHITEHORSE CITY COUNCIL to stage live music activations at Whitehorse Carols, Harmony Day Concert and Orchard Sounds.