Creators Fund Recipients 2023

Susan Anderson, $28,950
Poet and non fiction author Susan Anderson will undertake research and development, exploring new opportunities with literary fiction and visual arts.

Ella Badu, $38,000
Jewellery designer Ella Badu will experiment with traditional and sustainable jewellery processes and undertake research into West African culture to inform future work. During this period of activity Ella will also research and develop new ways to practice storytelling through design.

Justin Balmain, $48,052
Visual/video artist Justin Balmain will undertake research, and experiment with new  techniques and technologies for the monitoring, recording, and production of images.

Lilah Benetti, $47,073
Photographer and filmmaker Lilah Benetti will research Black Queer identities and the de-centralising of Western history to inform future work.

Desmond Connellan, $39,600
Video designer Desmond Connellan will undertake research and develop and experiment with motion capture technology to create a digital character that will be part of a new solo theatre work by writer, actor and director Margaret Harvey.

Zena Cumpston, $50,000
Barkandji woman and writer, curator and storyteller Zena Cumpston will research new creative ways to share plant knowledge and knowledge of Country.

Alice Dixon, $35,205
Choreographer and dancer Alice Dixon will research personal bodily experiences to challenge and expand her practice.

Kutcha Edwards, $31,000
Singer/songwriter Kutcha Edwards will develop recordings and a written text in English and Mutti Mutti languages, exploring autobiographical themes of ancestry, birth, youth, politics, love, family, culture, and Country.

Aviva Endean, $37,000
Composer and musician Aviva Endean will work alongside co-researchers across several different disciplines on a research project that will inform a new music work.

Alicia Frankovich, $49,985
Sculptor Alicia Frankovich will work with specialist metal fabricators and undertake research into the connections between human cultures and nature.

Axel Garay, $44,783
Filmmaker and Meriam man Axel Garay will research and develop an immersive narrative film that explores queer masculinity in mining culture set simultaneously in the past, present and future.

Nayuka Gorrie, $49,995
Writer and Gunai/Kurnai, Gunditjmara, Wiradjuri and Yorta Yorta freelance writer and screenwriter Nakuya Gorrie will research the colonial history of diabetes in Australia and the history and politics of the black and Indigenous underground music scenes.

Sam Leach, $25,000
Contemporary artist Sam Leach will research the role of Artificial Intelligence in artistic and environmental contexts and will create new work that predicts how Victorian landscapes will change in future.

Luciano, $43,782
Luciano will experiment with ways to bring together multiple artforms including textiles, audio, video and robotics to develop interconnected creative experiences that share the stories of those memorialised in the Victorian AIDS memorial quilt, with the support of Thorne Harbour Health.

Ella Mittas, $20,000
Ella Mittas will undertake an international research residency at the Ionian Centre for Arts and Culture in Kefalonia, Greece, exploring Greek, and the Greek-Australian identity. Further research in Victoria will also explore concepts of cultural identity, place and the broader migrant experience in Australia.

Paul McCann, $28,798
Fashion designer Paul McCann will undertake research and development for Dare to Dreamtime, a new couture collection that will celebrate culture through wearable art.

Joe Monteleone, $54,956
Deafblind artist Joe Monteleone will further develop skills in linocut carving skills and extend into sculpture. This period of research, development and experimentation will also explore the senses of sight and touch to communicate Deafblind experience to audiences.

Jasper Peach, $36,445
Writer, editor and broadcaster Jasper Peach will explore themes of health and body to inform the development of a children's novel.

Lachlan Plain, $36,770
Artist and author Lachlan Plain will undertake research into traditional animation techniques and virtual reality to develop works that explore themes of the bush and human interaction with the environment.

Ella Saddington, $50,000
Designer Ella Saddington will undertake research and experiment with glass and polymer and develop new design offerings.

Thembi Soddell, $39,626
Sound artist Thembi Soddell will research the impact of intergenerational trauma on mental health, informing the creation of new sound artworks with a focus on accessibility.

Zela Papageorgiou, $35,115
Contemporary percussionist and composer Zela Papageorgiou will undertake research and experiment with ways to integrate electronic and electro-acoustic music with percussion.

Stephanie Van Schilt, $50,000
Writer, editor and podcaster Stephanie Van Schilt will undertake research into the representation of women in Australian pop culture and experiment with new approaches to creative podcasting that blend elements of fiction, memoir, criticism, documentary and archival work.

Yandell Walton, $36,135
Artist Yandell Walton will undertake research, working with ecologists in Australia and in the Amazon rainforest to strengthen knowledge of  of plant science and will create new works inspired by the research.

Fetle Wondimu Nega, $35,053
Sound artist Fetle Wondimu Nega will develop a code-generated sound and visual portfolio, experimenting with new interactive sound and video programs.

Creators Fund Recipients 2022

Charlotte Algie, $46,820
Designer Charlotte Algie will work to develop a prototype structure for a fire-proof house.

Natasha Anderson, $30,000
Composer and musician Natasha Anderson will undertake an art/glaciology residency at the Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics (Switzerland) and experiment with re-processing archival glaciology material.

Ben Andrews, $36,852
Ben Andrews is a director working with immersive/XR technologies who will develop an interactive project that explores the chronic condition of vestibular migraines.

Girius Antanaitis, $40,000
Designer Girius Antanaitis will develop a method for creating on-demand implant designs for medical devices for Australian wildlife.

Julia Bak, $44,521
Writer, researcher and organiser Julia Bak is developing a non-fiction work that explores how chronic pain and illness, and the ongoing impact of colonisation, impacts a person.

Bronwyn Batten, $24,000
Performer, theatre-maker and producer Bronwyn Batten will collaborate with Dr Jude MacNaughton and Lucy Bool to develop a new theatre piece With Child.

Maxine Beneba Clarke, $24,000
Writer Maxine Beneba Clarke will research and develop Bossanova: 100 New Poems for Children.

Katherine Beynon, $28,000
Visual artist Katherine Beynon will collaborate with her son, artist and animator Rali Beynon, to experiment with new multi-artform works merging animation, fashion and projection art.

Ann Bolch, $35,000
Writer Ann Bolch will research and develop a memoir chronicling Baburam Poudel's life story.

Candy Bowers, $45,000
Performer, writer and director, Candy Bowers will develop a new theatre work exploring the connection between diabetes, migration and social disadvantage in the Australian African Diaspora.

Ingrid Brooker, $25,570
Multidisciplinary artist Ingrid Brooker will research sculptural practice and experiment with bronze casting, including undertaking a period of development at Space Tank Studio.

Lauren Burrow, $39,999
Lauren Burrow will research and develop a new body of sculptural work exploring the emergence of environmental politics and poetics in Australia.

Jason Christou, $45,083
Screen-writer and director Jason Christou will undertake research to support the development of an interactive TV crime series.

Robert Croft, $22,600
Visual artist Robert Croft will collaborate with filmmaker and musician Stephen Oakes and art therapist and disability support worker Celia Adams on In The Room, a project melding visual art and sound art.

Madelynne Cornish, 45,263
Audio visual artist and curator Madelynne Cornish will collaborate with digital animator Gina Moore, under the mentorship of soundscape composer Philip Samartzis, to experiment with 3D technologies, digital animation and sound spatialisation.

Croissants & Whiskey, $28,260
Cross-cultural ensemble Croissants & Whiskey will research improvisation traditions and Chinese traditional music practices.

Grace Culley, $35,000
Visual artist Grace Culley will develop Surprised Face; Heart Eyes, a project that investigates the neurotransmitter dopamine.

Tess Cullity, $32,420
Tess Cullity will develop picture-book-inspired fiction and non-fiction zines and comics for children.

Pamela Debrincat, $35,000
Pamela Debrincat will draw upon her lived experience of disability to establish accessible curatorial frameworks that aim to dismantle boundaries between artist and audience.

Chelle Destefano, $40,835
Multi-disciplinary artist Chelle Destefano will develop a series of performance videos interpreting Auslan poetry into choreographed dances, working under the mentorship of Nina Sanadze.

Holly Durant, $39,500
Performer and choreographer Holly Durant will investigate new processes for choreographic practice.

Benjamin Dynan, $25,580
Multi-modal therapeutic arts practitioner Benjamin Dynan will undertake research in support of their emerging practice.

Talgium Edwards, $55,000
Writer Talgium Edwards is developing a second autobiographical book, detailing the later part of life as a member of the Stolen Generation.

Naomi Eller, $36,600
Sculptor Naomi Eller will experiment with material and form as part of a new project, Sea of Fragments.

FLUXUS will undertake research and creative development on an opera based on the life of African-Australian woman Elsie Williams.

Jessie French, $50,000
Artist and experimental designer Jessie French will collaborate with art conservators Care of Studios on research into sustainable materials for sculpture and architectural applications.

David Gagliardi, $37,150
Artistic director, composer and producer David Gagliardi will undertake initial development on new cross-art form works that aim to provide professional opportunities for regional artists and arts workers.

Samuel Gaskin, $50,000
Musician and actor Samuel Gaskin will research how children’s theatre can tackle themes of ancestry and trauma.

Luna Mrozik Gawler, $36,997
Speculative and relational artist Luna Mrozik Gawler will research new ways of working across disciplines, combining the natural sciences with creative practice.

Tara Gilbee, $25,000
Multidisciplinary visual artist Tara Gilbee will research the impact of temporal and elemental forces on the materiality of artworks imbedded in a landscape.

Amrita Hepi, $36,500
Dancer and choreographer Amrita Hepi will research participatory art and performance models, and use of technology.

HoMie, $40,000
Fashion social enterprise HoMie will undertake research, technique development and practice-based experimentation to push the boundaries of its current design offering.

Lucinda Horrocks, $49,998
Lucinda Horrocks and Jary Nemo, co-founders of Wind & Sky Productions, will undertake research into Victoria’s former goldfields region.

Luke Howard and Simon Burgin, $41,876
Composer Luke Howard and digital artist Simon Burgin will work to develop a prototype for an immersive audio-visual performance format.

David Jenkinson, $40,200
David Jenkinson will research how games technology can help make interactive virtual spaces more accessible.

Donna Kendrigan, $30,000
Animator and visual artist Donna Kendrigan will develop creative content for an augmented reality platform.

Carmen Knox, $42,450
Carmen Knox will develop a feature film treatment that reflects on the Motherhood Complex.

Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy, $36,840
Theatre director and writer Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy will undertake research and collaborations to explore mixed reality and how to create hybrid immersive events.

LaGuapa Outerwear, $50,000
Sustainable and ethical fashion label La Guapa Outerwear will experiment with bio-based material developments, natural resins and components with a high content of plant-based matter.

Audrey Lam, $50,000
Filmmaker Audrey Lam will research the culture of community radio stations for a film project.

Liza Lim, $49,200
Composer, educator and researcher Liza Lim will develop a new opera with libretto, compositional sketches and an associated podcast series.

Alena Lodkina, $32,586
Filmmaker Alena Lodkina will research the recurring dreams and nightmares of urban professional women in their 30s to inform narrative ideas for a feature film.

Kimberley Lovegrove, $20,000
Kimberley Lovegrove will develop Kungari Comedy Workshops, a program for First Nations creatives to learn to write stand-up comedy with mentoring by established comedians.

John McCormick, $38,500
Technology based artist John McCormick will use robots to research movement as a method for collaboration.

Caroline Meaden, $40,357
Dancer and choreographer Caroline Meaden will undertake research and explore a new working methodology for dance-led choreographic practice.

Fatima Measham, $45,305
Writer and speaker Fatima Measham will research human interventions in nature to develop innovative storytelling techniques.

Rose Michael, $32,349
Writer Rose Michael will develop NovelLab, a collaborative program and feminist collective that will initially support the works of five novelists.

Ranima Montes, $53,750
Filmmaker Ranima Montes will develop a new feature film script, exploring punk, politics and witchcraft in the Philippines.

Jake Nakashima-Edwards, $50,000
Fashion designer Jake Nakashima-Edwards will work to develop a sustainable textile dyeing method with native eucalyptus plants.

Phuong Ngo, 40,000
Artist and curator Phuong Ngo will undertake research into furniture built in Australia by ‘European Labour Only’ to examine the racialised underpinning of historic white Australia.

Jess O'Farrell, $50,000
Creative video and virtual reality (VR) producer Jess O’Farrell will work to improve the integration of live action into VR environments to create cinematic experiences that meld with 3D assets and environments.

Public Service Announcement Theatre Collective, $20,000
The theatre collective will explore how technology and multi-disciplinary forms can be used to create access aesthetics for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

Sangeeta Sandrasegar, $25,920
Visual artist Sangeeta Sandrasegar will undertake research and experiment with the application of natural dye techniques.

Ronnie Scott, $20,853
Ronnie Scott will experiment with techniques that combine literature, visual arts and graphic storytelling to advance his practice as a queer novelist.

Antonia Sellbach, $36,500
Visual artist Antonia Sellbach will collaborate with sound artists Anthea Caddy and Jenny Branagan to develop new multimedia works.

Katie Sfetkidis, $32,900
Multi-disciplinary artist and lighting designer Katie Sfetkidis will undertake research exploring the nature of protest movements, older women and the digital realm.

Priya Srinivasan, $43,130
Dancer and choreographer Priya Srinivasan will engage with Victoria’s South Asian dance community elders and dancers, First Nation artists, choreographers, and dancers to explore how South Asian dance knowledge can be collectively engaged within Victoria’s contemporary dance sector.

Stathis/Davey/Kim, $49,200
The composer collective Stathis/Davey/Kim will research and experiment with new sonic composition techniques.

Alan Stewart, $20,000
Photographer Alan Stewart will experiment with new photographic practices to capture Taungaurung Country in a way that moves beyond the Euro-centric portrayal of the Australian landscape.

Eden Swan, $48,944
Based on experience living with chronic autoimmune disease, Eden Swan will undertake research and create innovative performance-based artworks.

Vijay Thillaimuthu, $36,707
Audio visual artist Vijay Thillaimuthu will research techniques to record and visualise electromagnetic fields.

Antonella Thomas, 34,609
Circus artist Antonella Thomas will conduct research into the intersections of circus, movement, gender, sport and community engagement.

Christen Tynan, $51,504
Visual artist Christen Tynan will develop methodologies to represent the diversity of disabled, queer and gender-diverse folklore within their work.

Julienne van Loon, $49,946
Writer Julienne van Loon will experiment with new methods to approach feminist literature with the goal of transforming the understanding of Australia’s leading women scientists.

Erkki Veltheim, $28,984
Musician Erkki Veltheim will explore socially and ecologically responsive field recording techniques and outdoor sound presentation strategies.

Mathew Watson, $36,878
Mathew Watson will research visual sound languages to create graphic scores for new experimental electronic music.

Narelle White, $44,005
Ceramic artist Narelle White will research experimental ceramic processes, digital manufacturing and traditional casting techniques to inform new work.

Misbah Wolf, $49,173
Poet and artist Misbah Wolf will explore feminist narratives to create a book of stories with audio-visual components, under the mentorship of Koraly Dimitriadis.

Laura Woodward, $49,928
Kinetic sculptor Laura Woodward will explore alternative ways of working with plastics to find waste reduction solutions.

wreckedAllprods, $49,300
Queer performance collective wreckedAllprods will develop a new music theatre work responding to LGBTQIA+ experiences in Victoria.

Creators Fund Recipients 2021

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Isabel Peppard, $44,840
Creative development by the filmmaker, animator and sculptor in immersive stop motion and virtual reality.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Jacob Leaney, $46,556
Research and development of a series of game prototypes and original songs to explore how game mechanics can connect with songs and how songs can influence game design.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Kush Kuiy, $46,044
Research and development of culturally appropriate producing processes for African performance artists through examining cultural protocols and traditions of the South-Sudanese, Nuer Nation.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of M'ck McKeague, $36,093
Practice-based investigation into transgender approaches to design for performance, including a period of intensive experimentation with design practices through a mentorship with scenography researcher and author, Rachel Hann.

Auspicious Arts on behalf of Ngioka Bunda-Heath, $31,518
Research and development of a contemporary dance work, exploring the shared experiences of intergenerational trauma from the perspectives of three minorities in collaboration with artists Josh Twee, Gabriela Green and Theodore Cassady.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Yumi Tsuchiya-Umiumare, $31,088
Research and experimentation into Jujutsu and Japanese shamanism to inform choreography and performance, working with diverse artists and specialists in Australia, Japan, Denmark, and the USA.

Andy Butler, $38,000
Research on the history of white saviourism, drawing upon archives at National Library of Australia in Canberra and creative development, experimentation and collaboration with artist Victoria Pham.

Anna Liebzeit, $30,000
Research into decolonising performance processes, including the role of qualitative research and storytelling in addressing experiences of unconscious bias, racism and trauma. The research will be presented through written, audio, performance and video works.

Bureau of Works Pty Ltd on behalf of Sam Mcgilp and Harrison Hall, $49,702
Research into motion-capture, live performance, and immersive technologies with mentors Phoria and Kazuhiko Hiwa, to develop programming skills and create a new work with Taiwanese media art collective Naxs Corp.

Cher Tan, $22,620
Creative development of an experimental essay collection that centres around the author's experience as a first-generation migrant woman.

Earthli, $60,000
Research, design and testing for an architectural hardware product for growing food, reusing recycled waste and facilitating biodiversity in city environments.

Elissa Goodrich, $29,676
Creative research and development of new music works about climate science.

Jaeden Williams, $50,000
Research and development of a series of children's stories about the six different Boonwurrung Seasons to be transformed into interactive performances for early childhood learning centres and primary schools across Boonwurrung Country.

John Harding, $30,000
Creative development and research for a satirical sequel to a 1996 play to mark its 25th anniversary.

Koraly Dimitriadis, $34,868
Research, experimentation and mentorship for a debut book of creative non-fiction, examining cultural pressures of the migrant experience.

Louise Terry, $38,149
Collaborative development and new work by music artists Louise Terry, Aimee Chapman and Casey Rice, using interactive software design.

Michael Beets, $41,709
Research into shooting and editing film in real time during an immersive theatre performance.

Nick Pages-Oliver, $23,840
Development of a musical puppetry work by Dan Giovannoni, Gillian Cosgriff, Amberly Cull and Nick Pages-Oliver.

Nnenna Okore, $20,000
Research into using food waste creatively to generate learning, creative experience and ecological awareness through studio experimentation and online social engagement.

Nova Jane Weetman, $25,000
Creative development of a non-fiction memoir about caring for a terminally ill partner during Melbourne's COVID-19 lockdown.

Opal Winter, $38,869
Research and creative development of an illustrated pop-up book designed to blur the lines between literature and games, featuring 3D augmented reality.

Residency Projects Inc. on behalf of Siri Hayes, $35,000
Research and development by Siri Hayes, Chaco Kato and Eugene Howard to engage with place and landscape in partnership with Uncle Dave Wandin and David Cameron.

RMIT on behalf of Carolyn Briggs, $49,580
Development of a walking and listening experience by N’arweet Dr Carolyn Briggs, weaving together Boon Wurrung knowledge about caring for Country and western tools for regenerative living and working.

Sarah Aiken, $36,500
Research, skills development and training in the technical and creative possibilities of video for screen and projection as choreographic tools.

Sarah Tracton, $32,120
Research and development of technologies for handcrafted porcelain lights, including a collaboration with an energy specialist and industrial design mentors.

Siobhan McGinnity, $36,130
Research and cross-cultural collaborative development for a literature work about recovering from trauma.

Yum Studio, $39,000
Research and creative development using augmented reality platforms as a new way to experience regional stories and engage new audiences through user-experience design in collaboration with First Nations artists.

Creators Fund Recipients 2020

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Sandra Parker, $38,500
A three-month period of research into new dance and installation works, in sites other than traditional theatres, that explore the intersection of installation art and choreography.

Fiona Tuomy, $35,000
Development and research to pioneer an international best practice model for disability-led inclusive filmmaking and storytelling for screen, which will also inform the development and writing of a feature hybrid narrative/documentary film script.

Michael Prior, $38,603
Research to expand his background in gallery installations into outdoor sculptures for public spaces, including developing techniques to create kinetic artworks that respond to natural energy.

Georgia Mill, $24,973
Research into representations of chronic pain, sexuality and the body, to inform the development of a draft manuscript, by Georgia, a non-fiction writer. This includes undertaking a mentorship with established non-fiction writer Briohny Doyle.

Robin Fox, $35,000
Research and development of immersive audio-visual performances that explore synaesthesia, the condition of perceiving one sense as another. The work includes an exploration of audio-visual hallucinations, using new projection mediums and other techniques.

Omeo Dance Inc., $38,820
For art collective Stony Creek Collective to undertake research into the environmental challenges being faced in the foothill forests of East Gippsland. The research will inform a range of creative works across dance, photography and poetry that will be shared in a series of public installations and performances.

Marco Cher-Gibard, $39,995
As an electronic artist, Marco will work with specialist mentors and undertake research to broaden his practice. He will explore new methodologies to breakdown traditional barriers for amateur musicians to participate alongside, and under the guidance of, experienced mentors. He will also investigate the idea of massed single instrument ensembles and ideas for composition with saxophone.

Kevin Powe, $37,700
Research and creative development of interactive, story-based experiences for the Amazon Alexa (a virtual assistant developed by Amazon). This includes investigating user experience, technical and other challenges related to working with this new platform for storytelling. The project will include ways of delivering voice-controlled interaction and unique soundscapes for listeners as part of an immersive experience.

Jo Ze Sparks, $39,800
Research and development for an immersive theatre piece that explores interdisciplinary forms, Indigenous storytelling that challenges Western notions of theatre, and the resilience of the Indigenous female body.

StudioBento, $50,000
Research by the multi-award-winning production company into how multi-person virtual reality experiences (“social virtual reality”) might evolve and how they could be leveraged by the creative industries.

James Rushford, $27,661
A composer and performer, James will research how the concept of a shadow could be used as a metaphor for the ideas that underpin music. His work will include written analysis, sound surveys at various sites and studio research at EMS (electronic music studios in Stockholm, Sweden) and Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio.

Madeleine Flynn, $42,015
Research and development that will explore artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to create prototypes that will be used in experimental audio works. The exploration includes ways to create AI that is culturally inclusive and accessible so that it can interact and respond to audiences from a range of backgrounds and abilities. The artist will collaborate with app developer Mick Byrne, researcher Josephine Young, Noongar writer Cassie Lynch and Tim Humphrey.

Erica Tandori, $30,270
Development and exploration of ways to incorporate interactive, novel display and robotic technologies, as well as living organisms, into future sculptural artworks that use food, clay and paper to convey key biomedicine concepts to low vision and blind audiences.

Hayley Millar-Baker, $25,800
Research into childhood recollections to inform the development of a body of 11 photographic-assemblage works recounting the artist’s early memories and exploring how attitudes are passed down through generations in a family.

Tristen Harwood, $39,999
Research and development of a book-length hybrid, non-fiction work exploring the relationship and tension between Australia’s city and desert areas. The project will include experimenting with narrative, drawing on family stories, observations of architecture and geography, art criticism and historical research.

Nyein Chan Aung, $47,500
Research into existing palliative care rooms (PCR) and design development of a method to convert any room into a temporary PCR, with an emphasis on dignity, community, efficiency and end of life care.

A2K Media Pty Ltd, $38,490
Research and consultation with the disabled community and early learning education community to inform the development of a sketch comedy show for children that promotes understanding about living with disability.

Ethno Tekh v2, $48,960
As an electronic musician-turned-coder, Chris will undertake research to generate new forms of audio-visual expression in virtual reality platforms. The project looks to the future to uncover the possibilities that virtual reality holds for creative expression.

Creators Fund Recipients 2019

Jessica Barclay Lawton, $43,830
Writer and filmmaker Jessica Lawton will undertake a six-month period of intensive practical research exploring what 'the Australian dream' means today. Working with mentor and leading social researcher Pamela Souvlis, director of photography Alex Cardy, casting agents and refugee community support groups, Jessica will connect with people from a range of backgrounds. Her learnings will inform the concept for a new hybrid feature film We're Getting a Pool.

Jacob Boehme, $39,000
Over six months dancer and choreographer Jacob Boehme will undertake research to develop ethical and curatorial frameworks for presenting stories by, for and about people living with HIV. Through workshops, consultations and collaborations with HIV+ community members and HIV+ artists, the new frameworks he develops will form the basis of a new community-led performance installation called The Blood Library.

Tony Briggs, $50,000
Filmmaker and curator Tony Briggs will research the latest in First Peoples filmmaking and attend film festivals in New Zealand and the Arctic Circle to view films, participate in events and develop networks with First Peoples filmmakers, curators and programmers.

Sarah Firth, $30,000
Artist, writer and creative entrepreneur Sarah Firth's six-month project will inform the development of her debut graphic novel Stop Making Sense, an innovative, essay-style graphic work. Sarah will undertake intensive research into issues such as gentrification, death, vanity, perception, cognitive bias, addiction, sex and environmentalism as well as philosophy, science and social and psychological theory before entering into a writing period and thumbnailing stage. She will also explore a range of distinct visual styles aligning with each topic.

Ahmad Galea and Finn Morgan, $36,000
Game developers Ahmad Jacob Galea and Finn Morgan will undertake research and development focused on non-player characters (NPCs) in games. NPCs are characters controlled by the computer rather than the player and are often limited to pre-programmed, repetitive interactions and behaviours. Over six months, they will work to create a series of algorithms to be applied to non-player characters in order to bring them life in games with unpredictable, ever changing environments.

Lia Hills, $24,249
Experimental author Lia Hills will undertake a period of research and experimentation to inform a new literary novel set in the Mallee. Lia will undertake interviews with a range of people living in the Mallee region to get a sense of the community and will also record the landscape. She will then use voice-recognition software which will take the nature recordings and translate them into words and language patterns. Transcripts from her activities will be used to develop her novel Love Songs for a Mortal. Lia will connect with a range of practitioners, film makers, musicians and visual artists to explore new techniques throughout the process.

Courtney Holm, $50,000
Fashion designer Courtney Holm will undertake research into the areas of zero waste, technology and customisation for the fashion industry. Courtney will explore advancements in robotics that are working to achieve zero waste in knitting as well as compostable stretch fibre. Her research and experimentation will inform the development of a new conceptual fashion collection.

Jonathan Homsey, $36,280
Dancer and choreographer Jonathan Homsey's 14-week project will explore how choreography and movement can create a sense of belonging within public spaces and connect diasporas, particularly in the LGBT+ and Asian communities. Jonathan will undertake creative research focussed on pedestrian movement, social dance and improvisation and undertake mentorships with leading choreographers. He will also travel to the US to attend events during Seattle's Pride month and undertake research with US Skinner Release Technique specialist Stephanie Skura. Connecting with Asian and queer choreographers and cultural leaders, Jonathan will explore how dance connects both trained and untrained dancers and will test his research through a series of public workshops and gatherings.

Lyndal Jones, $41,400
Multi-disciplinary artist Lyndal Jones's four-month project will see her working with artists, horticulturalists and space experts to learn about the prospect of human colonies on Mars. It will commence with a residency at the Living Museum of the West where Lyndal will work with artist/writer and Mars specialist Annalea Beattie and set designer and special effects expert Paul Garry who has worked on films such as Star Wars.

Blame the Shadows Collective, $37,997
Blame the Shadows Collective's four-month project will involve intensive research into the lives of Iran's LGBTQIA+ diaspora communities living in Turkey. They will then work with choreographer Tara Jade Samaya and with mentors Amiel Courtin-Wilson (filmmaker and artist) and Roslyn Oades (theatre maker) to explore new ways of telling these stories.

Jo Lloyd, $47,000
Over four months choreographer Jo Lloyd will seek to expand her choreographic method by undertaking research into new dance methodologies. She will work solo and with a composer and team of established and emerging dancers. Jo will also develop a form of notation that captures her choreographic method and could be used as a way of archiving her work so it can be remounted or further developed in the future.

Mama Alto, $35,000
Over six months, cabaret artist and musician Mama Alto will undertake intensive research into the concept of the 'Diva' and society's relationship to ideas of womanhood and performance. This will include historical research and interviews with leading performers, as well 'in progress' showcase events to test and trial new theatre, musical and cabaret works that draw on the research.

Luke Miller, $27,620
Game developer Luke Miller will undertake a 13-week research period exploring new filmmaking and game development processes to inform the development of a new artistic game concept. This will include experimenting with bandwidth volumetric capture, where footage is captured that can be viewed on flat screens as well as 3D and VR devices, and passive interaction where the character in the scene reacts to the player based on their location rather than anything they do with their controller. Luke's process will be shared via articles and the code behind his low bandwidth volumetric capture footage will be made available for other developers and filmmakers to access.

Jack Mitchell and Thomas Dudley, $38,000
Architect Jack Mitchell and writer and artist Thomas Dudley will explore how urban development can benefit from cultural knowledge, with a focus on exploring First Peoples' relationships to water. They will conduct research and engage with Melbourne’s creative sector, First Peoples community organisations, design professionals and government bodies. They will create a podcast that shares cultural knowledge about water and highlights how these learnings can be incorporated into Melbourne's future urban development.

Justin Olstein, $25,897
Filmmaker Justin Olstein's five-month project will see him undertaking intensive research into Orthodox Judaism's stance on homosexuality. He will consult with community members including rabbis, scholars and LBGTIQ advocates to enhance his understanding of a range of perspectives. He will then work with actors in a workshop environment to test potential story and character ideas. This process will inform the development and writing of a feature film treatment.

Anthony Pateras, $32,706
Musician and composer Anthony Pateras will undertake a three-month period of research and experimentation exploring the links between sound and medicine to inform a major new electro-acoustic composition. Anthony will explore the many and varied physiological and psychological ways the ear, the body and the mind can react to sound and how to incorporate his discoveries into his music.

Oscar Raby, $39,815
Over six months, multimedia artist Oscar Raby will explore the notion of control and user agency in virtual reality storytelling. Oscar will speak with world-leading experts on interactive narrative including video game designer Dan Pinchbeck (Dear Esther), game developer, VR filmmaker and writer Navid Khonsari (GTA), and director/writer David Cronenberg (Existenz). He will also undertake a series of VR experiments and conduct research at the National Theatre in London to explore how actors inhabit their characters. The project will inform a future work that bridges VR and stage performance.

Lisa Radford and Yhonnie Scarce, $37,745Over three months, artists Lisa Radford and Yhonnie Scarce will travel to historical sites, museums and memorials across America, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Japan and Australia that commemorate genocide and/or nuclear destruction. They will undertake research and extensively document these sites and their learnings will inform the development of new visual art works and a publication.

Emma Roberts and Ben Andrews, $38,598
Over four months, creative producer Emma Roberts and virtual reality designer Ben Andrews will explore the creative possibilities of multi-sensory virtual reality (MVR). They will research MVR technologies and develop and test a series of virtual reality prototypes that seek to produce, recreate or amplify feelings of awe for audience members.

Efterpi Soropos, $33,000
Over three months, cross-practice designer Effe Soropos will conduct research into the development of purpose-built artistic environments, or 'access spaces', that allow people with diverse neural and cognitive abilities to access performative, visual and sound-based art works. During this time Effe will interview leading access and engagement specialists in both Sydney and Melbourne, experiment with current technologies in immersive environments and spend time reading, writing and formulating the basis for her new concept that will inform her work for future projects.

Alexander Swords, $49,300
Writer and narrative designer for games, Alexander Swords will undertake research over five months to develop a framework for designing and writing games narratives. He will work with practitioners from a range of game genres to develop and test the framework which will ultimately be made available to any creative wishing to work in this emerging interactive space.

TeePee Studios, $22,716
Digital media production company TeePee Studios will spend three months investigating ways to improve and streamline their workflows to increase productivity and efficiency as their film and games development workload increases. This will include researching and testing new software, hardware and tools, training to expand their technical skills and a redesign of their internal network to reduce the impact of time-intensive processes such as rendering. They will share their learnings with other companies working in the VFX and digital games space.

Jessica Wilson, $31,000
Theatre maker Jessica Wilson will undertake research and development for a new work that will explore how children from a broad range of cultural backgrounds relate to landscape and place. This collaborative project will be developed in partnership with Aboriginal anthropologist Suzi Hutchings, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Artplay and the Boon Wurrung Foundation.

David Woods and The Small Collective, $50,000
Over six months, multi-disciplinary artist collective The Small Collective will work with renowned directors and choreographers to explore diverse performances practices ranging from theatre to comedy to contemporary dance. The process will support the group to refine their performance style and showcase practical and democratic ways of developing inclusive performances.