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*Image above: Header: TAKEBACK! 2021, behind the scenes video shoot, featuring artists (L-R) Taga Barrio, Jessica D'cruz, Ashleyrose Gilham, Ashleingh Black, Joshinder Chaggar, Nel Mama Boho, Loz Sorono, Muma Doesa, Gracieuse Amah, Demi Sorono and Chichi Nwokocha. Image: Deshani Berhardt. Main: POOKIE performing as part of SorBaes presented by Soju Gang, Live at the Bowl, Arts Centre Melbourne 2021. Image: James Henry. News in brief: Geelong Arts Centre's Ryrie Street Building Illumination - Inspired by 2021 Reconciliation Week Artwork - 'Action' by Jessica Johnson.

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