What is the Audience Research Toolkit?

The Audience Research Toolkit (Toolkit) is a resource designed to help you discover fresh insights to:

  • Understand your audiences
  • Reach new people
  • Strengthen engagement
  • Increase your attendance numbers

How to use it

If you’re new to research, the Toolkit will help you learn the basics. If you’re already on your research journey the Toolkit will amplify your evidence with reports and sharing strategies.

Use the tool finder to locate the right resource for you, or use the project planner to start at the beginning.

You can save your favourites, download or print and share them with colleagues.

Co-designing the Toolkit

In partnership with research agency Patternmakers and design studio Thirst Creative, we met with Victorian-based, small-to-medium sized arts organisations and independent practitioners to understand the challenges in building audiences.

We discovered understanding attendee behaviour and growing attendance numbers were top priority. While nearly everyone cited lack of time, skills and funding as the biggest barriers, 54% of participants described having less than five hours a month to gather attendee information and 29% relied on volunteers to find it.

The Toolkit is a response to these findings. An easy-to-understand, useful resource, regardless of art form, location, organisation, employment type and research experience.


We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the place now called Victoria, and all First Peoples living and working on this land. We celebrate the history and contemporary creativity of the world’s oldest living culture and pay respect to Elders — past, present and future.

We acknowledge the individuals and organisations who participated in the planning, interviews, testing of the Toolkit and the sector consultation process.


For any questions about the Toolkit, please contact Creative Victoria by emailing toolkit@creative.vic.gov.au

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