Want to apply for one of Creative Victoria’s funding and support programs? Read on for a few tips and tricks from the Grants team to make your application shine.


Do your research

  • Do check our funding calendar listing all the programs for the year.
  • Do read the program guidelines thoroughly, make sure you’re eligible and your application answers all criteria. This is what you’ll be assessed on.
  • Do research previous grant recipients for an indication of the types of activities supported. Check news stories for previous projects. Does your application fit in - - the program’s aims?
  • Don’t be afraid to call. You’ll find a contact listed on the program’s main page.

Don’t assume anything

  • Don't see your artform, genre or project type on the previous recipients list? Don't assume we won't fund it. We’re always looking for ways to support experimental, niche or cross-art form projects/collaborations, we just may not have received a strong application in your field in the past.
  • Don’t assume the Assessment Panel know who you are. Make sure you  explain who you are and what you’ve done.

Plan ahead

  • Do gather your support material and any letters of support. Don’t leave this to the last minute.

Budgets matter

  • Do a thorough budget, work out your expenses and projected income. The Assessment Panel need to see your project is viable and the grant money will be put to good use. Make sure your budget is well researched and realistic.
  • Do refer to the program guidelines on the any funding requirements and what can or cannot be supported.

Avoid waffle

  • Do bin the jargon and use clear, plain English. Members of the Assessment Panel may not be familiar with your practice so make sure anyone can understand your application.
  • Do be upfront about what you want the funding for. The Assessment Panel needs to know exactly how you plan to spend the money, so make sure your project description is clear and not buried within the questions.
  • Do describe what you will do, not just who you are. Imagine you’re the assessor, what would you want to know about the project?

Make your case

  • Do supply high quality support material and only include it if it’s directly relevant to your application.  Refer to the program guidelines of what needs to be provided.
  • Do include notes and captions, they help the Assessment Panel link the supporting material to your project.
  • Don’t be modest. Remember the onus is on you to make a compelling case. Why should the government support your project? What’s the value of your project in a broader context?

Before you hit send

  • Have you had someone else read through the application? It’s often helpful to have someone unconnected to your field of expertise read it, like a family member or close friend. If they don’t understand what your project is and what you’re asking for, it’s time to revise.

After you hit send

If you’re unsuccessful or waiting to hear from us it’s time to get googling and keep on applying. The organisations listed below all offer a range of grants, though a quick search will find plenty more.

  • Australia Council for the Arts
  • Regional Arts Victoria
  • Copyright Agency
  • Creative Partnerships Australia
  • Various philanthropic organisations
  • Your local Council