The Rabble (Kate Davis and Emma Valente) is a visually ambitious, political, feminist and formally experimental theatre company.

The Rabble

The Rabble's project

As they develop a new work inspired by Dante’s Inferno, The Rabble will undertake a three-month project where they will experiment with video, sound, projection, special effects, wireless technologies and more. The team will investigate ways that they can make their work scalable and flexible for presentation in theatres, non-arts venues and outdoor spaces of all sizes. The project will also explore ways to expand their practice and develop works that can exist as a performance, an installation and an exhibition.

What does being awarded a Creators Fund grant mean to you?
The Creators Fund grant means that we will have time together inventing, testing, researching and creating that is unprecedented. We have never been able to afford a time like this in our careers to date. We are so excited by this potential.

How important is 'time' to you, as an artist/creative professional?
Time is one of the most important currencies of creativity. A time to work, to think, that is not results driven, is such a gift. This is when new ideas come, when you can hone new skills, when you invent new possibilities.

What's the first thing you did when you found out you were awarded a Creators Fund grant?
We celebrated by opening a bottle of champagne. At our last planning meeting, before we applied for the Creators Fund, we had hoped to be able to find a way to give ourselves space to pursue new skills and creativity without the limitations of pressure of production. We thought this idea was wishful thinking. The Creators Fund answered this wish.

What are you most looking forward to over the months ahead?
We’re really looking forward to working with new materials and mediums. This is something we have wanted to do for a long time, but we’ve never had time to hone our skills. The Creators Fund will be that we can work with new technological and sculptural elements.

Where would like to see yourself at the end of this process? How do you anticipate your career will develop as a result?
We hope to have a series of new skills that will be applicable to our craft in new ways. We hope that this time will allow us to work on a larger scale and in more complex ways. We hope that we’ll be able to transfer our skills from theatre design, to outdoor events, visual art and large-scale installation art.

Show Reel 2017 from THE RABBLE on Vimeo.