Anna Liebzeit is a multi-disciplinary artist with a 20-year practice spanning performance, audio composition and collaborative practice across installation, theatre, and film and T.V.

Alongside creative work, Anna is an Aboriginal Academic at Moondani Balluk, Victoria University, and has worked in Indigenous Health and Education for over twenty years teaching, writing curriculum and developing resources.

What activities will the Creators Fund support you to undertake?

The support of Creators Fund will afford me the time to engage in activities that test the intersection of education, art theory and practice. For the Creators fund I will be seeking to merge/combine my creative and academic practice. I will begin this process through engaging in cultural consultations, and conversational practices that will critically engage with stories of colonialism. Most specifically I will use Susan Dion’s educative concept of ‘the perfect stranger’ that simultaneously centers and obscures whiteness, resulting in misconceptions about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Can you talk us through what your work routine will look like with the help of a creator's fund grant?

My work routine will resemble a series of mini Action Research projects: research > action > analysis. With an emphasis on creative enquiry, the work routine will document how theory/evidence intersects with the body and storying in general, with a focus on the making and documenting of artifacts (including writing, sound, video, performance) for analysis.

Where would you like to see yourself and your career at the end of this process?

The Creator’s Fund is a genuine opportunity to explore the third space of practice that has occupied my life for a long time – but remained unarticulated. Stepping into ‘not knowing’ as discourse is exciting and will lead to new work that I would like to take to a broader audience.