Marco Cher-Gibard is a composer and artist who works through sound to explore contemporary culture, experience and expression.

Work to date include includes numerous theatrical sound designs and compositions, art installations, performances and collaborations. His award winning work for theatre and dance has been presented internationally by Zürcher Theatre Spektakel (Zurich), LIFT Festival (UK), Vienna Festwochen (Austria), Holland Festival (Holland), Theatre der Welt (Germany) and Melbourne International Arts Festival (Australia), amongst others.

The project

Over the course of this program I will undertake research into composition for massed ensembles and consolidate recent work with guitar and preparation. The ensembles will be made up of saxophone and brass and my goal is to explore collective methods of composition, arrangement and notation / scoring techniques. I will work with one established and two amateur ensembles to do this.

I will use a studio environment to further experiment with tabletop guitar preparation. I want to investigate new ways of listening, approaches and document this practice which only exists currently in phone documentation of workshops and performance.

What does being awarded a Creators Fund grant mean to you?

Being awarded a Creators Fund gives me time and resources to develop my practice in new directions. These directions may run contrary or are out of alignment with the way finances would normally dictate my decision making.

How important is 'time' to you, as an artist/creative professional?

It’s very important.  I didn't appreciate what a privilege and opportunity study was at the time.  I had a casual job and a lot of freedom but was still working out how to use it. It’s been 10 years since I graduated and a long path to try and align creativity, my practice and income.  Having time to practice independently is golden.

What are you most looking forward to over the months ahead?

It’s going to be a breath of fresh air.  Who knows if it will happen again? I look forward to exploring parts of my practice, working with people and new learning.

Where would like to see yourself at the end of this process? How do you anticipate your career will develop as a result?

I’d like to gain the confidence to break through some of the barriers around electronic & untrained musicians working with ensembles.

As for the guitar stuff, who knows? I think developing unique and interesting ways to make sound/music can only be a strength. My hope is that I can strike something that will resonate with myself and others at the same time.

I think one's practice benefits from working with new challenges and developing new skills.  Sometimes its impossible to tell where it might lead you. I hope I will mature as an artist, make good decisions and be proud of my work.