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Kevin Powe is an in-demand international actor focused on the field of voice acting, who has a deep passion for interactive, character-driven narrative.

He has brought characters to life for games such as Warframe, Battle Chef Brigade, Dead Static Drive and Beyond the Veil, and can be seen in the lead role of Captain Black in the upcoming sci-fi feature film The Peacemakers. Kevin also helps clients get great voice acting results at Tavern of Voices, providing consulting, casting, directing and coaching services.

The project
Voice assistants like Alexa present a unique form factor for interactive experiences: driven by voice commands, and communicating with the user via audio only. Throughout his project, Kevin will investigate the opportunities and limitations this form factor presents through prototyping a variety of different experiences. This will be done working with local narrative and audio experts to leverage the rich experience of the Victorian creative sector, and determine how best to provide a premium experience to the user. He will also investigate the technical considerations in developing for Alexa, and develop a series of recommended approaches and tools to reduce development time and assist with troubleshooting live skills. Throughout the project, Kevin will produce content regularly to share the discoveries made.

What Does Being Awarded A Creator's Fund Grant Mean?

Being awarded a Creator's Fund grant is an incredible opportunity. It means being able to put everything aside for a stretch of time and focus purely on the puzzle this emerging market presents. It's a rare gift, and I can't wait to start sharing what I find along the way.As creatives, we rarely or never get a chance to lose ourselves in curiosity and investigation to this extent, which is one reason why I was careful to draw myself a map of where I want to go on this incredible journey.

How Important Is 'Time' To You?
Time is the fire in which we burn, as the poem goes. As a creative freelancer, you're always acutely aware of time passing, and dealing with the internal expectations around where you expect yourself to be versus the ground you're standing on. There's only so much time, and progress is slow, which makes patience a challenge. With a specific eye to developing for Alexa and the broader voice market, it's an emerging market with exciting opportunities right now, so being able to fast-track the necessary understanding to work in it is a gift.
What am I Most Looking Forward To?
Ooh - that's a tough one. I'm excited about being able to tap the brains of people whose work I love. I'm really looking forward to working through the reading list I have in front of me. The techie side of me is anticipating the deep dive tinkering I'll be doing with glee. Most of all though, it'll be the clarity of focus and unity of purpose for the duration of the project.
Where Would I Like To See Myself At The End?
At the end of this project I will be armed with a syllabus of knowledge I could not dedicate the time to acquiring otherwise. Not only will I be able to work as a voice actor with a greater understanding of the demands of developing interactive experiences, but I will be in a position to create my own content in a commercial market. The ability to showcase my voice acting and open up new opportunities for work, as well as create new revenue streams improves my sustainability as a creative practitioner.