Hayley Millar-Baker is a contemporary photographic artist from Victoria, Australia. Through contemporary approaches to photography, she seeks to recover and recount sequestered narratives - drawing strength from her bloodlines and inherited histories. Confronting and constructing past, present, and future narratives of herself and kin, Hayley’s reflective narrative process enacts as a powerful social commentary depicting a coexistence of times, of cultures, of transformation.

Through the application of digital technologies, Millar-Baker aligns disparate times and places – meticulously layering, cutting, and repositioning individual images each monumental in the stories they hold, together as one, to tell alternative stories and histories. Through both materiality and process, Millar-Baker’s black and white photo assemblages critically explore story-telling culture through investigating notions of connection to identity, place, and time, all in relation to her own lived experiences.

The Project

Research into childhood recollections to inform the development of a body of 11 photographic-assemblage works recounting the artist’s early memories and exploring how attitudes are passed down through generations in a family.