Justin is a VCA Film and TV School graduate.

Justin is a VCA Film and TV School graduate. His short drama Adam's Tallit received an AACTA Award nomination for best short film. His feature documentary Curtain Call premiered to critical acclaim at the Melbourne International Film Festival and screened on SBS. His short Fun City premiered at the 66th Locarno Film Festival and was nominated for the best short film ATOM award. He was selected for Berlinale Talents in 2013. Recently, his short film The Visitor won the best director award at the Sao Paulo Film Festival, and with the assistance of Creative Victoria is developing his feature narrative film, Shoshanna.

The Project

Filmmaker Justin Olstein's five-month project will see him undertaking intensive research into Orthodox Judaism's stance on homosexuality. He will consult with community members including rabbis, scholars and LBGTIQ advocates to enhance his understanding of a range of perspectives. He will then work with actors in a workshop environment to test potential story and character ideas. This process will inform the development and writing of a feature film treatment.


TWITTER: @justinolstein

What does being awarded a Creators Fund grant mean to you?

It means a lot. That Creative Victoria can see value in my project gives me a shot of confidence to pursue it wholeheartedly. 

How important is 'time' to you, as an artist/creative professional?

Very important. That is the one thing most of the artists I know would dearly love to have more of. To fully commit to exploring a concept, rather than having to juggle it around all of one's other responsibilities. 

What are you most looking forward to over the months ahead?

I suppose I'm most looking forward to being surprised by the research I do. And to becoming more open to the different directions my project can go in as a result of that research. 

Where would like to see yourself at the end of this process? How do you anticipate your career will develop as a result?

I would like to see myself better informed about my particular topic of interest - which will then allow me to craft a story on screen that is authentic.