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Generators is a mini-documentary series that has been created through a partnership between Creative Victoria and the Victorian College of the Arts.

The project saw VCA Film and Television graduates team up with artists who have received support through our VicArts Grants program to make short documentaries that go behind the scenes with artists and give an insight into their creative process.


Here, filmmaker Natalie Cunningham explores the intersection of music and cultural identity for indie pop songstress, Sophie Koh in the film Homesong.

Cake Industries

In this video, filmmaker Jack Dyball captures the 'animism' art of Cake Industries (artists Jesse Stevens and Dean Petersen).


Filmmaker Eddie Diamandi captures HA LF, a performance by dancer Mariaa Randall. A Bandjalung woman, originally from the far north coast of NSW, Mariaa's performance scrutinises the label 'half-caste' and the terms that perpetuate racial segregation based on skin tone, shade and colour.

In the Wake of the Wave

In the Wake of the Wave pairs recent VCA graduate Irene Metter with artist John Bailey to tell the story of his upcoming graphic novel about survivors of the 2011 tsunami in Japan.