Tell us about you and your creative work

Our tiny bookshop has been a part of Bourke Street’s lively ‘top end’ for 50 years. We think we do more than just sell books: we put readers in touch with books, and writers in touch with readers. We’re always on the lookout for striking, imaginative and engaging works of art and creativity in the written form, and there is nothing we like better than presenting those works to our readers.

How has coronavirus impacted on your life and work?

Coronavirus has led us to reflect on the role of books and the arts in times of difficulty. We agree with many of our readers, who have remarked that books are more important now than ever. We’ve had to completely change how we operate. We continue to put readers in touch with books online, and via email and phone, and we’ve increased our social media activities – but we miss our face-to-face conversations with readers and writers.

How are you coping or responding at this time?

We are trying our best to find new and creative ways to engage with our readers. We’ve created a new website, where we present our pick of recently published books and recommend books that we think are a good fit for the times. We are highlighting a ‘book of the day’ on our social media posts – titles close to our heart. And we have started a YouTube channel, where writers present their work and where our staff and friends each read from their own favourite books.

Do you envisage new creative sector opportunities emerging from this crisis?

Social isolation and distancing has meant a quieter, more reflective time for many people. But that doesn’t mean switching off from the world around us – instead, it provides more time and space to read and to engage with the issues and concerns that writers typically address.

In three words, offer your fellow creatives some encouragement or advice

Read, write, engage.

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