Social Media Fundamentals September 2019 - Word DOCX, 1.4 MB

Social Media Fundamentals September 2019 - PDF PDF, 1.5 MB

In the last decade or so organisational use of social media has evolved to become an integrated part of the communications mix.

Some social channels have emerged and disappeared quickly, while others have managed to establish themselves into the lives of billions of people globally. While mistrust in social media by organisations has diminished over time, concerns over personal privacy and the social impact of social media has increased.

This guide is an introduction to the fundamentals of being an admin for these established social channels:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

The guide also covers how to analyse performance, privacy, how to respond to negative posts and easily accessible tools to help with the admin function.

This guide is a working document and should be considered in context. Changes in the social landscape are frequent so make sure you keep across these changes.