Evaluating Community Arts and Community Well Being is a 'how to' guide for community arts practitioners to assist them to evaluate the impacts of their community arts projects.

Increasingly value is being placed on community activities which have positive community strengthening outcomes. There is a growing recognition of the social and community wellbeing outcomes of community arts projects, yet there is a gap in the resources available to community arts practitioners.

Recognising time constraints in the community arts, the guide is simple, straightforward and ready to use. It separates the evaluation into key stages and each stage includes a worksheet which guides the user through key decisions; asks trigger questions; highlights the issues users are likely to encounter  and provides a checklist.

The guide also includes evaluation tools including surveys, worksheets and timelines for each stage of an evaluation. These can be used as they are, or adapted according to the needs of each project.

The publication was developed by Creative Victoria, VicHealth, Darebin City Council and the City of Whittlesea and includes an Express Guidewhich is a short, ready-to-use version, complete with worksheets and tools.