Audience Atlas Victoria was commissioned by Creative Victoria and undertaken by Morris Hargreaves McIntyre. It is the most detailed and comprehensive profile of arts audiences ever undertaken in Victoria.

Audience Atlas Victoria maps out the profile of the culture market in Victoria in detail, examining the demographic composition of Victorian arts and culture audiences, and also providing an in-depth insight into their attitudes, motivations and behaviour.

Audience Atlas Victoria examines these findings through eight distinct culture segments, 10 culture markets (e.g. the visual arts market, the dance market etc.) and 43 individual arts organisations. The report examines who is currently going to arts and culture events and venues, and measures the lapsed and potential market to provide detailed insight into arts audiences.

Audience Atlas Victoria also investigates Victorians' media consumption, as well as online and social media habits giving arts organisations valuable information for the development of marketing and communications strategies and digital campaigns.

The aim is to help arts organisations - from small-to-medium to major institutions - to set realistic targets by identifying potential markets and partner organisations and provides powerful data for arts organisations to understand how to reach, engage and broaden their existing audience.

How Was The Audience Atlas Victoria Compiled?

Using an online survey, distributed by an external panel company, Morris Hargreaves McIntyre sampled 3,841 adult respondents (aged 16 or over) who are in the market for art and culture.

This data was then used to analyse the overall profile of the culture market for Victoria, as well as breaking this down by artform and venue.

Why Audience Atlas Victoria?

In 2013, Creative Victoria's Strategic Marketing team commissioned Audience Atlas Victoria to provide a macro perspective of the Victorian arts and cultural market, to understand the drivers for arts audiences, and potential audiences across Victoria, and to identify opportunities for collaboration. The aim was to provide concrete results to drive marketing approaches and opportunities.

The project attracted a great deal of interest from the sector, and an introductory session held in June 2013 was attended by 75 people.

Key Findings

  • 94% of Victorians over 16 have attended at least one arts or cultural event or place within the last three years. In total, over 4.03 million Victorians are in the culture market
  • Victorians spend $5.1 billion annually directly on cultural activities, or $421.5 million a month. Nearly half of this is spent on admission.
  • 74% of this population live in Melbourne, while 26% live elsewhere in Victoria
  • 44% of Victorians belong to an arts or cultural organisation
  • 60% of Victorians donate to arts and cultural organisations
  • 17% of Victorians currently volunteer their time with an arts or cultural organisation

Published: 30 April 2014
Prepared by: Morris Hargreaves McIntyre