Report on Arts Participation in Victoria

In 2014 the Australia Council for the Arts released the report Arts in Daily Life: Australian Participation in the Arts. This study provided insights into arts engagement across the nation and built on 2009-10 research, More Than Bums on Seats: Australian Participation in the Arts. Creative Victoria worked with the Australia Council to draw out  the Victorian data from this study and include some additional Victoria-specific questions.

Key findings

  • High levels of participation and positive attitudes towards the arts in Victoria generally matched the national average.
  • Overall Victorian involvement in the arts is high with 80% of Victorians attending an arts events and/or participating in the arts at least once in 2013.
  • There was a significant increase in creative participation from the initial study with the Victorian participation rate increasing almost 10 percentage points from 39% to 48%.
  • 27% of Victorians contributed time and/or money to the arts (in line with the national average).
  • 68% of Victorians accessed the arts via the internet.
  • Between 62% and 69% of Victorians were satisfied with the quality, availability and accessibility of the arts in their area.
  • Metropolitan residents were most likely to engage with, and have positive attitudes towards, the arts.
  • Outer metropolitan residents were least likely to attend or participate in the arts, but rated availability and access to arts facilities and experiences higher than in regional Victoria.
  • Regional Victorians were more likely to be actively/creatively engaged with the arts, but were less likely to rate access and availability highly.


Visit the Australia Council website to download the Arts in Daily Life (2014) (direct PDF link)  and More Than Just Bums on Seats (2010) (direct PDF link) reports along with  a full suite of national arts research.