In 2007, Creative Victoria commissioned Sweeny research to conduct an evaluation of the effectiveness of the Touring Victoria funding program.

87 Producers, Presenters and touring coordinators who had either received Touring Victoria funding, or presented funded tours between 2002 and 2006 participated in the evaluation via telephone or face-to-face interviews.

As well as considering the effectiveness of the program, the evaluation also examines the impact of funded activities in outer-metropolitan and regional communities, for venues and for tour producers.

The evaluation found that tours funded through Touring Victoria generated significant benefits for all stakeholders.

Benefits for communities

  • provides outer-metropolitan and regional communities with access to a diverse range of quality cultural experiences that would otherwise not be available;
  • inspires local residents to develop their own artistic or cultural projects, and
  • enhances the livability of communities by providing greater entertainment options, a catalyst for improved social networks and community spirit.

Benefits for venues

  • provides galleries and arts centres with opportunities to present a greater range of professional shows and exhibitions;
  • contributes to the relevance of arts venues by providing shows that help them build new audiences and engage with different groups, and
  • builds the skills of workers in venues and galleries by exposing them to best practice and providing the opportunity to learn from other professionals involved in tours.

Benefits for producers

  • extends the life of creative works and connects them with new audiences;
  • builds the profile of the producers and their work opportunities, and
  • expands the skills of performers and staff involved in the tours through dealing with unfamiliar venues and presenting to new audience.

Other evaluation results can be found in the full report.