Understanding your audience – who they are, what they like and what motivates them ­– is critical information for any arts marketer.

Arts Victoria's Marketing team has worked with a range of Melbourne-based arts organisations, analysing their audience data using Mosaic*, a sophisticated geodemographic segmentation tool.

As well as enabling the individual organisations profiled to better understand their audiences, this research has uncovered some shared characteristics of arts audiences in metropolitan Melbourne for wider sector use.

The research aimed to:

  • enable the Victorian arts sector to better understand, diversify and grow audiences
  • provide a more accurate total market view
  • inform marketing activities
  • identify opportunities for collaboration
  • assist organisations to develop partner, sponsorship and philanthropic strategies.

Three reports relating to different segments of Victoria's arts sector are available for download. They cover:

  • Victoria's state-owned major cultural "institutions"– including some of Victoria's largest and most popular galleries, museums and performing arts venues;
  • Major arts organisations – a selection of some of Victoria's leading performing arts organisations;
  • Test Drive the Arts – a cohort of a self-identified new and returning (lapsed) arts audiences who attended performances ranging from large, main-stage productions to small and experimental works through the Test Drive the Arts program in 2010.

*What is Mosaic ?

Mosaic Australia is an innovative geodemographic profiling tool that uses aggregated consumer data to provide highly predictive analysis of the Australian population.

Mosaic is used by businesses to help them understand consumer trends and behaviours across Australian neighbourhoods.

Mosaic does not use personal information to provide details about individuals or their addresses. The underlying data used to build to Mosaic is privacy compliant.