Creative Victoria commissioned an evaluation of the effectiveness of the Arts Development program
The report, produced by Woolcott Research in 2007, presents findings from a survey of nearly 150 funding recipients, interviews with members of the assessment panel, other arts funding bodies and Creative Victoria staff.

The research found that Arts Development funding has wide-ranging outcomes for artists and arts organisations. Positive outcomes included:

  • improved professional reputation of the artist/organisation (89%);
  • other people (including media, organisations, buyers and artists) taking the work more seriously (73%);
  • the work developed leading to other paying projects (67%);
  • significantly improving skills of artist/organisation (64%);
  • work being sold (39%); and
  • work touring nationally (35%), internationally (29%) and regionally (25%).

Interviewees and survey respondents indicated that the Arts Development program was distinctive in supporting innovation and more 'new' work than other major funding bodies. 88% of respondents believed the program was relevant to 'new and emerging artists'.

The Arts Development program was also perceived to be unique in supporting the developmental phase of creation rather than solely focussing on the presentation of work. 83% agreed strongly that the program was critical for the development of professional artists and independent small to medium arts organisations.

Other evaluation results can be found in the full copy of the report.