Creative Victoria's research programs monitor trends in the cultural sector, evaluate performance, measure outcomes, and investigate in-depth key and emerging issues and initiatives. Creative Victoria's research plan provides a comprehensive framework for the research program.

Audience and participation

The Arts Participation Survey

Published: 2020
Presents Victorian data from a national survey undertaken for the Australia Council including perceptions on availability and quality of arts and entertainment options.

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Audience Atlas Victoria: Mapping Victoria's Cultural Data 2014

Published: April 2014
Audience Atlas Victoria maps out in detail the profile of the culture market in Victoria

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Audience Atlas Victoria 2019

The Audience Atlas 2019 reports on Victorians’ appetite for arts and cultural experiences and these insights will be used to build the overall strength and sustainability of the sector.

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Audience Outlook Monitor report - COVID-19

The first lot of results from a study of more than 23,000 people who participated in the survey designed to track sentiment in Australian audiences and their willingness to return to arts and cultural events and help the sector plan its COVID19 recovery.

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The Arts Ripple Effect

Published: 2014
The arts have the potential to bridge our worlds, harness the wisdom of our different views, engage our imagination to explore new ways of thinking and create experiences that can be shared by all people in our community

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Creative Victoria Regional Consultation

Published: 2017-2018
Creative Victoria undertook a series of industry and community consultations across regional Victoria in 2017-2018. Representatives from regional creative organisations, artists and practitioners and members of the communities shared their views on the issues and opportunities impacting the creative industries in regional Victoria.

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Melbourne as a Global Cultural Destination

Published June 2017
Research into Melbourne's global brand and reputation as a cultural and creative destination for tourists and recommendations for enhancing the city's national and international ranking.

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Victoria-Asia Cultural Engagement Research Report: On The Ground & In The Know

Published: 2013

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Industry research

Fostering Opportunities in Video Games between Victoria and India

Published 2021
This policy brief focuses on the opportunities for both Indian and Victorian game developers and educators in the context of the Victorian government’s support for its creative industries. Based on desk research and discussions at the Victoria-India Video Games Roundtable by the Australia India Institute in collaboration with Creative Victoria and Global Victoria.

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520 Melbourne Report: engaging Chinese-speaking international students in Melbourne’s arts and cultural sector

Published 2021
The report draws on a comprehensive survey with 600+ Chinese-speaking international students, focus groups and case studies. Written in an easy-to-read narrative style, the report provides key insights into this cohort’s preferences for activities and communication. A ‘social media explainer’ outlines how Chinese social media works for non-Chinese speakers.

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Making Music Work

Published 2020
This report maps the creative, social, cultural, and economic realities of the portfolio music career in Australia, and drawn on insights from over 600 musicians to provide a nuanced and granular understanding of their working lives, career trajectories, creative aspirations, and economic circumstances. Creative Victoria was a funding partner in the project that was led by Griffith University and Queensland Conservatorium.

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Regional Development Evaluation

Published 2014
In 2014, as part of our ongoing program of evaluation, we commissioned an independent evaluation of the two program categories that fall under the Regional Development banner – our Regional Partnerships and Touring Victoria programs.

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Victorian Creative Industries Festivals Review

Published: July 2018
An action of the Creative State strategy, the Victorian Creative Industries Festivals Review looked at the strengths of the state’s festivals, the issues they face and ways to maintain a high-quality, diverse and accessible program that meets contemporary and future needs.

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Victoria's Design Capabilities Performance and Business Use of Design

Published: December 2015
Research and analysis on the design industry in Victoria which updates existing data, describes Victoria's design sector and reviews the use of design by Victorian business, provides a current picture of Victoria's design capabilities and measures the impact of design on the Victorian economy.

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