55% of all Victorians aged 15 years or over attended at least one performing arts venue or event in the year 2013-14:

  • 33% attend popular music concerts
  • 17% attend theatre performances
  • 16% attend musicals and operas
  • 9% attend dance performances
  • 9% attend classical music concerts
  • 18% attend other performing arts (incl. physical theatre and circus arts)

In 2016, 20 Creative Victoria supported local government run performing arts centres attracted audiences of 1.1 million.

In 2016, 40 Creative Victoria supported performing arts organisations attracted audiences of 2.3 million.

2016-17 attendance at the Arts Centre Melbourne, Geelong Performing Arts Centre and the Melbourne Recital Centre was 3.1 million.

It should be noted that in some instances performing arts organisations may have presented in the performing arts venues listed above.  As a consequence the total attendance to performing arts cannot be precisely calculated.

Employment in the wider Performing Arts Sector

  • In 2016, 15,372 Victorians were employed as performing artists, music composers or performing arts support workers as their main job.  4,214 are in non-cultural or creative industries.