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  • On average Victorian creative and cultural organisations rely on volunteer and pro bono services for 45% of income support.
  • 16% of Victorians engage in volunteer work in the arts.

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  • The importance of volunteer and pro bono services to the arts and culture sector is clear when a monetary value is calculated. At present, nearly one third of all private income support for organisations is derived through volunteering and pro bono services, worth $180 million^.
  • The arts and culture sector include a large number of micro organisations+ that depend on volunteer and pro bono services. Creative Partners Australia’s 2018/19 survey found these micros organisations depend on volunteer and pro bono services for three-quarters of their income.
  • Outer-metro and non-metro art and culture organisations are also more dependent upon volunteer and pro bono services, making up 75% and 55% of support received respectively, than inner metro art and culture organisations (18%).
  • Media and communications, which include publishing, film production, radio and television and libraries, are the most dependent on volunteer and pro bono services (68% of support received).
    • Societies (including historical, poetry and literary societies) and Museums and Galleries are also heavily reliant on volunteers (59% and 34% respectively of all support received).

Victoria logoVictorian results

  • On average Victoria relies on volunteer and pro bono services for 45% of income support (more than the national average of nearly one third).
  • In 2019, 16% of Victorians volunteered for the arts or participated in unpaid work such as helping artists or community groups with arts activities.

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Data sources

Information about Volunteering in the Creative and cultural sector comes from multiple sources:

* Based on an 8-hour day for 2017.
^ Private income support is comprised of cash support (through donations, sponsorship, bequests and fundraising), volunteer and pro bono services and in-kind support reported by those organisations surveyed by Creative Partnerships in 2018/19.
+ (turnover <$50,000)