Donations and sponsorship from individuals, foundations and businesses are vital to the planning and staging of events and broadening of collections for many arts organisations.

The arts play an important role in helping Victorian businesses expand into new markets and raise Victoria's profile and reputation as a place of innovation and diversity.

Private sector support for arts and culture

A survey conducted by Creative Partnerships Australia in 2018 found private sector support for arts and cultural organisations equated to $161 million. For every $1 spent on fundraising $3.60 was returned in Victoria.

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Private support in the performing arts sector- Australian Major Performing Arts Group (AMPAG)

The Australia-wide (AMPAG) report Tracking Changes in Corporate Sponsorship and Private Donations 2017 tracks the level of corporate sponsorship and private donations for the major performing arts sector from 2001 to 2016.

Victorian Major Performing Arts Organisations generated $23 million in sponsorship and private giving in 2016:

  • 41% of this private support was generated through sponsorship (compared to 39% Australia-wide)
  • 59% of this private support was generated through private giving and fundraising (compared to 61% Australia-wide)

Private support of funded organisations