The creative industries are significant to Victoria's culture, economy and society and central to its future. In 2019-20 the Creative sectors and occupations accounted for $31.6 billion in gross value added and about 6.9% of the Victorian economy.

These industries have wide-ranging positive impacts that resonate across our culture, society, and economy.

Here are a few highlights:

Cultural tourism iconCultural Visitation Victoria

  • In 2020 there were 3.6 million cultural visitors to and within Victoria, a sharp decline on prior year (12.3 million). International visitors only represent 10% of the total cultural visitors.
  • Year on year international cultural visitors declined 1.5 million compared to domestic cultural visitors declining 7.2 million. State border closures as well as the ring of steel (between Melbourne and regional Victoria) influenced this.
  • 39% of all cultural visitors to/within Victoria visited a museum or art gallery.
  • Cultural visitors who experienced at least three cultural activities spent $741 million in 2020, a decrease of 70% ($2.5 billion in 2019).

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Employment iconEmployment

In 2020-21 305,000 people in Victoria are estimated to be employed in cultural or creative activities as their first job, representing 9.0% of total Victorian employment.

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private sector support iconPrivate support

In 2018-19, 130 Victorian based organisations that receive operational funding from Creative Victoria generated $53 million in private support representing 16% of total income.

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hands raisedVolunteers

  • On average Victorian creative and cultural organisations rely on volunteer and pro bono services for 45% of income support.
  • 16% of Victorians engage in volunteer work in the arts.

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