The creative industries are significant to Victoria's culture, economy and society and central to its future. Creative sectors and occupations account for $23 billion in gross value added and make up about 8% of the Victorian economy.

These industries have wide-ranging positive impacts that resonate across our culture, society and economy.

Here are a few highlights:

Cultural tourism iconCultural Visitation Victoria

  • In 2019 there were 12.3m cultural visits or visitors to and within Victoria
  • 46% of all cultural visitors visited a museum or art gallery
  • Cultural visitors who experienced at least three cultural activities spent $2.5 billion in 2019

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Employment iconEmployment

In 2020-21 305,000 people in Victoria are estimated to be employed in cultural or creative activities as their first job, representing 9.0% of total Victorian employment.

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private sector support iconPrivate support

In 2018-19, 130 Victorian based organisations that receive operational funding from Creative Victoria generated $53 million in private support representing 16% of total income.

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hands raisedVolunteers

  • On average Victorian creative and cultural organisations rely on volunteer and pro bono services for 45% of income support.
  • 16% of Victorians engage in volunteer work in the arts.

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