In 2019-20, 35 museums and galleries received operational funding from Creative Victoria, reporting on employment, volunteering, income and expenditure and attendance and programming.

18 museums and galleries are located in regional Victoria.

Definition of museums and galleries is a building or group of spaces displaying exhibitions and cultural collections, facilitating exchanges between audiences and creative practitioners.


In 2019-20, Creative Victoria provided $7.2 million to museums and galleries; 15% of their total income. Total income for all organisations was $47.2 million.

Every $1 provided by Creative Victoria leveraged a further $5.54 income to the funded sector.

Sources of income

  • Earned income was 19% of total income.
  • Creative Victoria funding was 15%.
  • Other Government funding was 43% of total income (including Commonwealth, local and other State funding).
  • Private support was 19% of total income:
    • $2.0 million in cash sponsorship
    • $0.4 million through in-kind sponsorship
    • $4.0 million in donations
    • $0.5 million through fundraising
    • $1.7 million from foundations (incl. philanthropy).

Sources of income

Earned income$9.0m19%
Creative Victoria$7.2m15%
Other Government$20.4m43%
Private Support$8.7m19%


Stacked bar graph showing sources of income as detailed in table

Local Government provided 35% of the total income at $16.5 million.


  • 35% of sector expenditure went towards production costs.
  • 47% on administration costs.
  • 8% on marketing costs.


Production  $15.7m 35%
Administration $21.2m 47%


Stacked bar graph showing expenditure as detailed in table


The sector employed 523 people.

  • Total employment is equivalent to 251 full time employees.
  • 42% are employed on a casual basis.

Employment type

Full time12824%
Part time17634%


Stacked bar graph showing workforce as detailed in table

Museums and galleries engaged the services of 4,078 creative practitioners.

1,683 volunteers provided 67,107 hours of service.


35 organisations reported attendances of 1.5 million.

Pie chart showing place of residence of audience

  • 56% were from metropolitan Melbourne
  • 28% from regional Victoria
  • 11% from interstate
  • 5% from overseas

31 organisations reported 1.6 million online visits.

13 museums and galleries reported 5.9 million views on digital platforms (including radio, TV, live streaming, downloads).


Museums and galleries presented 2,344 events, including:

  • 80 productions
  • 534 exhibitions
  • 983 workshops
  • 525 lectures, seminars and public talks
  • 30 films
  • 192 other events

Sector development

31 organisations offered children or youth participation programs recording 91,885 children or youth attendances through 3,188 sessions.

A number of organisations offered targeted programming:

  • 26 offered programming for First Peoples
  • 32 offered programming for children (up to 12 years)
  • 26 offered programming for youth (12 to 25 years)
  • 19 offered programming for people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities
  • 22 offered programming for senior citizens
  • 10 offered programming for people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and/or intersex
  • 16 offered programming for people who identify as women
  • 14 offered programming for people who identify as having a disability
  • 25 offered programming for people living in regional communities

The sector reported 41 inbound tours and 36 outbound tours.




Stacked bar graph showing tours as detailed in table

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