Creative Victoria provides operational funding to a wide range of arts organisations.  Key arts organisations are organisations that receive multi-year funding through Creative Victoria. These include Major Performing Arts organisations and those funded by the Organisations Investment Program and Regional Partnerships.

In 2017, Creative Victoria invested in 130 arts and cultural organisations across Victoria.

These organisations:


  • created 9,700 new works
  • hosted 24,100 children or youth participation programs
  • staged 4,400 productions
  • held 4,500 workshops
  • presented 1,080 exhibitions and 1,100 film screenings

Attendance and Participation

  • attracted 9.3 million attendances (26% from regional Victoria) including 398,000 attendances to children or youth participation programs
  • reached 62,000 members
  • employed 4,900 people, equivalent to 2,400 full time employees
  • engaged 15,000 volunteers, who provided 530,000 hours of service

Financial information

  • generated $205.2 million in earned income (48% of total key arts organisations revenue)
  • and received $56.8 million in private support (13% of total key arts organisations revenue)
  • funding from Creative Victoria of $43.7 million (10% of total key arts organisations revenue)
    • every $1 provided by Creative Victoria leveraged a further $8.83 income to the funded sector

The proportions of revenue listed above are for the aggregate income to all key arts organisations. These percentages differ between individual organisations.

See individual reports for more details: