According to data from the 2011 Census 131,480 people in Victoria were employed in cultural activities as their main job, comprising all who work in a cultural industry and those who have a cultural occupation in a non-cultural industry. 85,517 Victorians had a cultural occupation as their main job.

Performing Arts

  • In 2011, 7,717 Victorians were employed in the performing arts industry as artists, musicians or technical support workers as their main job


  • In 2011, 6,559 Victorians were employed as Librarians or Archivists as their main job
  • 6,631 Victorians were employed as writers or print media workers as their main job

Galleries and Museums

  • In 2011, 2,200 Victorians were employed in museum operations as their main job
  • In 2013, 1,585 volunteers provided 89,000 hours of service to 31 Victorian museums and galleries funded by Creative Victoria

Visual Arts, Crafts and Design

  • In 2011, 4,139 Victorians were employed as visual arts and craft professionals as their main job
  • 21,752 Victorians were employed as design workers as their main job

Film, Television and New Media

  • In 2015-16, film, television and digital media productions support by Film Victoria created 8,068 jobs.
  • In 2011, 5,712 Victorians were employed in the motion picture industry as their main job
  • An additional 1,636 Victorians were employed as broadcasting, film and recorded media equipment operators as their main job, in other industries

(source - ABS 6273.0 - Employment in Culture, Australia, 2011)

Employment in Government-Supported Cultural Sector

State Cultural Organisations

  • In 2015-16, total employment at Victoria's State owned arts and cultural organisations was 1,732 (equivalent full time).
  • In 2015, 132 organisations  that receive operational funding from Creative Victoria employed 6,033 people, equivalent to 2,189 full time employees