In the year ending December 2017 there were 2.9 million international visitors to Victoria.

  • 1.8 million of these, or 63%, were considered to be cultural visitors (as having attended at least one cultural venue or event during their time in Australia)

Cultural attractions were:

  • museums or art galleries (66%)
  • historical or heritage buildings (65%)
  • festival, fairs or cultural event (24%)
  • First People's cultural activity (23%)
  • theatre, concerts or another performing arts activity (19%) and
  • arts and craft venue or workshop (14%)

Cultural visitors stayed in Victoria for longer than your average International visitor:

  • International visitors stayed in Victoria an average of 23 nights each
  • International cultural visitors stayed in Victoria an average of 25 nights each

A significant proportion of international cultural visitors came from China, the United Kingdom and the United States of America:

  • Around 1 in 5 came from China
  • Around 1 in 10 from the United Kingdom
  • Around 1 in 10 the United States of America

International - Spend

In 2017, expenditure in Victoria from international cultural tourism was $2.0 billion (encapsulating spend of visitors who experienced three or more cultural sites during their trip to Australia)*.

  • This is an 88% increase in cultural tourism expenditure since 2013
  • Growth can primarily be attributed to an overall increase in international cultural tourism to Victoria and to a lesser extent an increase in the average spend per night (from $95 in 2013 to $111 in 2017)

* A cultural tourist, for the purpose of calculating expenditure, is defined as a tourist who visited 3 or more cultural sites during their trip to Australia. Cultural sites include attending theatre, concerts or other performing arts; visiting museums or art galleries; visiting craft workshops or studios; attending festivals, fairs or cultural events; visiting history, heritage sites or monuments; experiencing First People's art, craft or cultural displays; visiting a First People's site or community; and/or attending a First People's performance.


In the year ending December 2017, there were 24.5 million domestic overnight visits to and within Victoria (of one or more nights duration):

  • 4.1 million of these, or 17%, were considered to be cultural visits (as having attended a cultural venue or event during their trip)

Cultural visitors stayed longer than the average visitor:

  • all domestic trips totalled 70.4 million visitor nights, an average stay of 3 nights each (2.9 exactly),
  • cultural overnight visits totalled 14.1 million visitor nights, an average of between 3 and 4 nights each (3.5 exactly).

Attractions for Victoria's domestic cultural tourists were:

  • museums and art galleries (45%)
  • historic buildings and monuments (36%)
  • theatre, concerts and performing arts events (22%)
  • festivals, fairs or cultural events (22%)