Young people are a key customer demographic for all creative industry organisations. Evidence also supports positive social outcomes, especially in education, related to creative and cultural participation.

Activity outside school indicates how willing and able students are to engage and access the creative and cultural sector during their leisure time.

ABS survey data is available in ‘Children’s Participation in Cultural and Leisure Activities’ (ABS 4901.0) and 'Participation in Selected Cultural Activities' (ABS 4921.0). The measure draws on the participation rate of Victorian students doing at least one selected organised cultural activity outside school.

The latest ABS release in 2018 has revised questions and some activities cannot be compared over all years.

Victorian children’s participation in organised cultural activities


Young people participate in creative and cultural activities through interactions with venues and cultural institutions, often as part of school visits and participation in education programs.

Visiting libraries is the most popular.  Both visiting art galleries and attending performing arts are both increasing in popularity.

Victorian children’s attendance at cultural venues and events

Image of Vic children's attendance at cultural venues and events

Other popular forms of creative and cultural participation are undertaken by young people as personal recreation.  Watching TV remains the most popular activity and reading is the second most popular.

Victorian children’s selected recreational activities

graph of Victorian children's selected recreational activities

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