TripAdvisor represents a popular view that is increasingly recognised as valuable by a wide audience.

TripAdvisor ratings make an important contribution to Victoria’s brand as a cultural tourism destination.

On average 60% Victorian cultural attractions received a rating on “excellent” (the highest rating) on a trip advisor audit conducted in 2013.

Top scoring cultural and creative attractions in September 2019 included:

Silo Art Trail85%
National Vietnam Veterans Museum82%
Johnston Collection81%
Jewish Holocaust Centre81%
Sun Theatre Yarraville81%
The Australian Ballet81%
Ulumbarra Theatre76%
Hamer Hall75%
Melbourne Recital Centre73%
Frankston Arts Centre71%
Bendigo Art Gallery70%
Art Gallery of Ballarat70%

The top ten average was 61%.


Stakeholders considered TripAdvisor to be 'gamed' by publicists and other promoters and doubted its authenticity.