Social media 'reach' is the total number of people who have been served content and is a measure of potential audience size. Reach can be created by the original post - or can be augmented by people sharing on their own accounts which is why influencers can be important.  If an influencer with their audience of 2 million people, the reach counts these 2 million people.

'Engagement' counts the interactions people have with that content including comments, page likes or follows, retweets, and shares.  For this reason, engagement figures are viewed as more meaningful.

Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, Instagram Insights and Snapchat Analytics all store metric data on likes, comments, saved posts, click throughs, shared posts/ retweets, etc available to download


  • The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival 2019 reported a social media reach of 350 million consumers.
  • Midsumma Festival reported, by the last day of the 2018 Festival i) 22,400+ Facebook followers, ii) 7,000+ Twitter followers and iii) 5,700+ Instagram followers.